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Daniel J Schwarzhoff

May 7, 1957 (62 years old)
Bronx, New York, USA



Contact for all interviews, appearances, media inquiries:
Dan Schwarzhoff Jr.
Marketing, PR


Dan is a writer and author. His work centers on personal development by demystifying spiritual awakening, becoming free from anger, and eliminating stress-induced obsessions—mainly fixations with food, sex, alcohol, drugs, and unwholesome relationships.

He’s the author of the cutting-edge book Real Meditation for Real Alcoholics: and Those Who Love Them. In his most recent book, Go In, he brings all readers the specific means to finding conscious awareness within.

Dan writes a blog on the dynamics of emotions, relationships, and addiction. He also hosts a podcast, Schwarzhoff, where he and his son, Dan Jr., discuss how these issues relate to today’s society, culture and politics.

Dan proposes going inward, stimulating intuition and creativity, and improving relationships with others by living within the conscious state. But he doesn’t just write about it.

He also gives away the specific way to do it.

Dan has discovered how simple consciousness, through a special non-contemplative technique, will heal the spirit and maintain physical and emotional wellness going forward. He maintains that all mental and physical illness stems out of spiritual malfunction and that once the spirit heals, so too do the mind and body.

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