Books by Dan

Go In: Nine Points to Conscious Living

by daniel j schwarzhoff

Much of what you’ve ever been told about human purpose, success, failure, and happiness is about to receive a major overhaul. Experience heightened intuition, boosted creativity, and improved relationships by living within the conscious state. This book is for anyone who has tried the self-help gurus, read the spirituality and self-empowerment books, but still sense there must be more to human existence and joy than endless egoism. There is. Go In shows you exactly how it’s done.

Real Meditation for Real Alcoholics: and Those Who Love Them

by daniel j schwarzhoff

This is an introductory presentation of Non-Contemplative Meditation™ prepared especially for alcoholics. Dan demystifies alcoholism, using his own experiences with alcohol, drugs and recovery to hit readers in their visceral sweet spot. Here is a proposal for the uniquely mindful meditation that is unlike anything you have ever encountered before. It is the missing link to spiritual recovery from alcoholism and addiction.