Who Makes You Angry ... And Does It Matter?

The leading cause of fatal heart disease is improperly met stress. It alters the body in a way that damages arteries and efficient pulmonic functioning. The problem is that stress is inevitable. We all have to live with it. Meeting stress with love and forgiveness instead of negative emotions actually strengthens the body and mind. Live long, well. Get free of anger by meeting the temptation to hate with love.

Mass Shootings Are an Anger Problem, NOT a Gun Problem

A person who commits mass murder or suicide isn’t who you think they are. Someone’s anger has gotten inside to direct thinking. They may not even tell anyone about it—they think it’s their own idea. It isn’t. Unrecognized resentment grows under the radar until one day the thoughts turn into horrific action. It is a metaphysical problem with a metaphysical solution.

The Reasons Smokers Smoke

Knowing the real reason for why you smoke is key to stopping. Simply understanding what no one has ever been able to show you before about nicotine will allow you to get free, forever. Despite what you’ve been told, smoking is the easiest of all the bad habits to break. Don’t try to stop smoking just yet—not until you hear what I have to tell you about your nicotine addiction.

How Does This Happen? Drinking, Drugging, and All Addictions

Drinking, drugging, smoking, overeating. Baffling, right? Something has gone horribly wrong. Just 5 ½ minutes into this video you will finally, once and for all understand exactly how it’s happened. If you or anyone you love has a problem with alcohol, drugs or any addiction to anything, now you’re finally going to get it.

Let Go

Whenever stressed by the thinking inside of our head, we are tempted to struggle. We become sucked into a mental battle that brings even more stress and struggling. “Letting go” is something we hear all the time. But how is it done? Let’s talk about letting go... for real. Not only can it be done – it must be done in order to live peacefully.

The Real Cause of Anxiety

No one likes to feel anxious, but the discomfort serves a good purpose. It’s a symptom of something gone wrong – that something is broken. Drinking, eating, sex, antidepressants, smoking – these all are ways to remove the symptoms while leaving the cause totally unaddressed. Without having met and dealt with the spiritual cause of anxiety, then whatever is wrong and remains wrong.

Master Resentment

It is possible to get completely free from anger and live unscathed by the humanly degrading stress of emotions to which so many have become accustomed. Immunity to resentment is something we all must discover in this lifetime — or else fail at human existence.

What is the Role of Emotions?

Problems with alcohol, drugs, nicotine, food . . . smoking, overeating, drinking, porn addiction, whatever it is, the inability to stop is not due to a lack of willpower. It isn’t psychological. There’s no therapy for addictions that can supply a permanent solution. It goes to being emotional.

Smokers are Not Real People

Like other commonly abused drugs, nicotine acts as an anesthetic. It is a biochemical means to dull the pain of conscience stemming from unrecognized resentment and suppressed anger. All nicotine addicts numb the pain of guilty conscience associated with inhibited anger.