Daniel J Schwarzhoff

About Dan

Dan is a father, husband, blogger and book author. His work centers on ambitionless personal development—going inward, stimulating creativity, and improving relationships with others by finding and living in a state of intuitive consciousness.

His main focus is in addressing fixations with food, sex, alcohol, drugs, and unwholesome relationships by demystifying spiritual awakening—becoming free from anger, and thus eliminating all stress-induced obsessiveness.

Dan has discovered how simple consciousness heals the spirit while maintaining physical and emotional wellness. He claims that nearly all human problems, including mental and physical illnesses, stem out of resentment-based spiritual brokenness and that once the spirit mends, so too do the mind, the body and the life-path of each individual.

But he doesn’t just write about it. He also gives away a unique method to experience it through a technique he calls Non-Contemplative Meditation™.

Leading through experience, Dan freely shares his technique to reach conscious awareness that he as well as his immediate family practice successfully.

In his most recent book, Go In, Dan brings all readers the specific means to discovering the conscious state awareness within. Insightful and simple, his writings and meditation technique have helped countless others all over the world discover how to let true peace and fulfillment unfold from within, enhancing the quality of their lives and the lives of those around them.

Today, with over thirty-five years’ experience with mindful consciousness and intuitive guidance, Dan has founded Schwarzhoff Media as a vehicle to create meaningful content, bringing this idea to as many people as possible through books, blog articles, videos, and podcasts.



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