Non-Contemplative Meditation™

This is Different

There are no chants, mantras, or spacey music. There isn’t any visualization or diving into imagination—no beliefs to adopt, no concentrating on thoughts or philosophies.

The magic of Non-Contemplate Meditation™ lies in deconcentrating. You begin to live in the timeless present, free of struggle, where stillness and intuitive discipline unfolds from within.

Once you begin practicing this unique metaphysical exercise regularly, your attitude and life spontaneously modify, seemingly on their own. Your physical and mental ailments go away, your emotions stabilize and you become free of fear and doubt.

You master resentment, becoming virtuous and at peace without anyone telling you what to do or how to live.

This is light years ahead of therapy, psychology, and philosophy. It is not some pop, new-age fad or gimmick. It isn’t a religion. It’s a spiritual tool that encourages wholesome mindfulness—your mind fills with wordless virtue, rather than ideas. You live moment to moment, effortlessly.

By learning and practicing this simple technique, you’ll be rid of negative thoughts. Present optimism, confidence, and abilities you already enjoy will improve, along with an amplified intuitive sense and creativity.

You'll be able to give up smoking, overeating, drug addiction, alcoholism, and other emotion-based disorders that a medicine and clinicians cannot cure, without effort. Without medications. Without paying any money.

And it will happen quickly. This is the cure.

There’s no hypnotism, no culture to adopt or religious indoctrination. It is not a trick to lure you into a dharmic belief, New Thought or New Age philosophy. Quite the contrary, it is an enduring spiritual endeavor that will, in fact, trigger a spontaneous release from reliance on any philosophies at all.

Non-Contemplative Meditation allows you to experience the true freedom and a closeness with your Creator.

Please try it. It’s fully complimentary. Stream from this page. Have a wonderful, peaceful life.


The Pre-Talk

Listen to this before attempting the Non-Contemplative exercise. It contains valuable tips and some important caveats. This is a unique form of meditation and not a toy. If you are tempted to skip this and go straight to the exercise . . . please don't.


The Non-Contemplative Meditation™ Exercise (Full Version)

This will separate you from your thoughts so you can experience consciousness immediately. It is a non-religious, non-commercial, anti-hypnotic technique to open your mind, heart, and eyes. Experience the distinctively mindful state of consciousness that will not conflict with any Judeo-Christian spiritual principles, but will, in fact, enliven them.


The Post-Talk

Once you’ve experienced the above exercise, an effect, sometimes a very powerful one is common. This explains what has happened, what you can expect going forward as well as some additional tips on how to safely proceed. Please listen to this short summarization once you’ve already practiced the meditation.



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