Non-Contemplative Meditation™

This is Different

When people hear the word meditation what immediately comes to mind is the plethora of Eastern religious traditions, dharmic philosophies and New Age practices that dominate the field.

This isn’t any of those. It is not even close.

There aren’t any chants, mantras, or spacey music droning off in the distance to hypnotize you. There isn’t any visualizing or diving into the realm of imagination, no dogma to adopt, or concentrating on thoughts. There’s no philosophy to learn.

This form of practicing conscious-awareness will not interfere with Judeo-Christian beliefs observing Jesus, Moses or the works of the scriptural prophets.

There’s nothing to learn or study either. No cult, church or social group memberships.

Instead, the magic of Non-Contemplate Meditation™ lies in de-concentration and unlearning. You begin to live in the timeless present, free of struggle where stillness and intuitive discipline unfolds from within—not from gurus, preachers or spiritual pundits.

Begin this unique metaphysical exercise regularly and your attitude spontaneously modifies, seemingly on its own. Your emotions stabilize, your physical and mental ailments go away, and you become free of fear and doubt.

Subsequently, you'll find that you can give up smoking, overeating, over-drinking, abusing drugs, a pornography addiction, and any other emotion-based condition that medicine and clinicians cannot cure.

The need for any of those substances or behaviors simply dissolves. And it will happen without effort, without medications or paying money.

Once you practice this simple technique, you’ll become rid of negative thinking and moroseness. Optimism, confidence, and aptitudes you already possess will improve, along with an amplified intuitiveness and creativity. You’ll become more productive.

Through the kind of conscious-awareness proposed, you will master resentment, instantly becoming virtuous and at peace, without anyone telling you what to do or how to live. You’ll stop suppressing anger and know finally what it means to let go. 

And this will happen very quickly.

Non-Contemplative Meditation is light years ahead of therapy, psychology, and philosophy. It isn’t merely some New-Age fad or pop gimmick. It isn’t part of any organized religion.

It is a simple, ancient tool that stimulates wholesome mindfulness where your mind fills with wordless virtue, rather than ideas—where you can live moment to moment, effortlessly, consciously connected with your Creator.

There’s no hypnotism, no culture to adopt or religious indoctrination. It is not some trick to lure you into a dharmic religious, or Eastern tradition as other methods do. Quite the contrary, this is an enduring spiritual endeavor that will trigger a spontaneous release from any reliance on religion or philosophy at all.

When practiced as directed, Non-Contemplative Meditation allows you to experience the true freedom that every human being craves and needs to live peacefully in this lifetime and forever.

This is complimentary. There’s no cost. Stream it right from this page and have a wonderful, peaceful life.


The Pre-Talk

Listen to this before attempting the Non-Contemplative exercise. It contains valuable tips and some important caveats. This is a unique form of meditation and not a toy. If you are tempted to skip this and go straight to the exercise . . . please don't.


The Non-Contemplative Meditation™ Exercise (Full Version)

This will separate you from your thoughts so you can experience consciousness immediately. It is a non-religious, non-commercial, anti-hypnotic technique to open your mind, heart, and eyes. With this you will experience the distinctively mindful state of consciousness that will not conflict with any Judeo-Christian spiritual principles, and will, in fact, enliven them.

IMPORTANT: In the beginning, regardless of experience level, please start with the full 30-minute exercise. This is a “loading dose” and will be extremely helpful in getting started. For maximum safety and efficacy, ongoing sessions must be reduced down to 5, 10, or 15-minutes segments after two or three days. This is no ordinary meditation. It is uniquely powerful. It is important not to overdo it. The directions should be followed precisely.


The Post-Talk

Once you’ve experienced the above exercise, an effect, sometimes a very powerful one is common. This explains what has happened, what you can expect going forward as well as some additional tips on how to safely proceed. Please listen to this short summarization once you’ve already practiced the meditation.





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