Christians Can Meditate After All

A church steeple

Many of the seekers that I speak with are Christian because they see Christ as the way to discover and connect with God. Not content with having a Supreme Being to worship, they also feel the visceral need to connect with their Creator in a personal way. Jesus did after all say that no one…

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Don’t Get Taken to the Cleaners

I know some of you are involved or at least are familiar with the 12-Step approach to recovery. So I’d like to bring up an experience of AA co-founder #1, Bill Wilson, that I’ve been surprised to discover many members of AA have never heard. Wilson, of course, was an alcoholic who adopted and practiced certain…

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Become Immune to Anger

If you believe that resentfulness is the bane of existence for every human being, and would like to get free from it, then please know that there is only one way to not resent. That is to become immune to it. That happens anytime we step back from our thinking. It becomes a way of life once…

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