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Become Immune to Anger

If you believe that resentfulness is the bane of existence for every human being, and would like to get free from it, then please know that there is only one way to not resent. That is to become immune to it.

That happens anytime we step back from our thinking. It becomes a way of life once we commit to consciousness. Not self-consciousness—that would encourage more secret bitterness—but God-conscious, which only encourages patience, forgiveness and love.

Then we never get angry, we lose all fear and become carriers of God's will, instead of self-will. We can't hate anymore, we no longer spread ill will, because hate no longer gets into us.

Immunity to resentment is something we all must discover in this lifetime — or else fail at human existence. Many people reading this would say this is not possible. They’d rather go with the narrative, “Everyone gets angry.” To that I say, “Yes, it does seem that everyone gets angry.” But that is only because so many do. Not everyone does. Not those of us who have discovered how to become immune.

It is possible to get completely free from anger and live unscathed by the humanly degrading stress of emotions to which so many have become accustomed.

But being so merged into their own Ego-Self, they go along with It, and compulsively turn down any way of life that does not include judging and basking in negative emotions. They’ve come to love playing God, judging others. They’ve become unified with a lower self, thinking It is them, but isn’t—and that entity lives to judge. They’re in the throes of an identity crisis within and don’t know it.

The way to circumvent this is to separate, and become your true self. We only need to step back from thinking so we can calmly watch. It is that simple. Then, a heavenly flow of energy begins to fuel our progress. We become observers of thought and everything changes—for us and for each life we touch. This is how we gain mastery over resentment. This is how we discover God within and live peacefully.

Without anger, our mere presence in the stream of life alters the course of events in ways we are unable to know in advance. We cease repeating old mistakes. Uncommon thinking replaces common thinking and we live and breathe as inspired beings, deriving energy and encouragement from a positive energetic Source.

Without anger, our presence in the stream of life alters the course of events in ways we are unable to know in advanceClick To Tweet

Time pushes past us while we remain more in the present. No longer are we dragged, kicking and screaming, into the uncertainty of a future that does not yet exist. Our fears melt away, aging slows and we develop a keen sense that Something Greater than us is in charge.

It’s an intuitive force, emanating into the world from within us—if we let it. It can’t be any other way, once we lose our affinity with anger allowing an immunity to resentment to develop from within.

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