All Your Pains

If you’ve ever wondered why you or anyone you know suffers for not being able to stop doing the things they should not do . . . and have sought a solution for it only to find none, then here is all you will need to know to solve that problem forever. Nearly all of…

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Christians Can Meditate After All

A church steeple

Many of the seekers that I speak with are Christian because they see Christ as the way to discover and connect with God. Not content with having a Supreme Being to worship, they also feel the visceral need to connect with their Creator in a personal way. Jesus did after all say that no one…

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Willful Prayer – That Voodoo That You Do

Most of us haven’t been taught how to pray. Instead, we’ve been tutored on how to conjure in the name of Heaven and God. Even in the name of Jesus.  Praying for outcomes is tantamount to voodoo. It’s principally witchcraft, wizardry, sorcery, pick your description. It is also vile and faithless conjuring. And it is…

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