All Your Pains

If you’ve ever wondered why you or anyone you know suffers for not being able to stop doing the things they should not do . . . and have sought a solution for it only to find none, then here is all you will need to know to solve that problem forever.

Nearly all of the pain and suffering ever experienced in life stems from guilt for judging . . . playing God, deciding who’s worthy and unworthy.

First, it causes a compulsion to look to satisfactions that counterbalance the agony. Then it conditions the individual to continue seeking behaviors and substances like food, drugs, sex, and even music that anesthetizes the conscience.

The search itself becomes an obsessive compulsion. It is uncontrollable. Unmanageable some would say. The chase is on. And once indulged, no human being can stop it any more than they can stop blinking their eyes.

It is a pursuit of relief that is an automatic response to the suffering. It is in an attempt to numb the pain well deserved for setting aside an original connection with the Creator . . . the conscience.

The absence of pained conscience that pleasurable distractions supply seems like happiness. It is. But it’s artificial. And temporary too, taking the now God-separated, spiritually-ill individual even lower than he’s already gone. 

The fleeting moments of eating, drinking, and sexing or of hypnotic arousal through sight and sound all seem better than the pain. So, he develops a lifestyle around these. And it can go on for decades.

He becomes a gross, self-centered creature of vile habits and vices accruing mental and physical maladies along the way, unnecessarily accelerating the journey toward death.

Keeping the hate, suppressing resentment, and judging while avoiding the discomfort of it all seems like a sustainable form of contentment. But it isn’t. 

One can go an entire lifetime without ever knowing true happiness for never having ‘not hated.’ And that means never knowing true love. 

Then the best love that one will ever know isn’t love at all, but cloying, clinging, approval-seeking relationships with others, that is classic among men and woman consuming each other while escaping the pain of their personal shortcomings and failures.

Becoming lost in ‘thinking’, while willfully struggling to make life work in our favor . . . doesn’t work. Instead, all solutions to all difficulties goes to not ‘playing God,’ that is to say, getting free of anger, mastering resentment, and fear without the ‘suppress and forget’ of distractions. 

Does that sound tough to do? It isn’t really. 

The way to do it comes easily through conscious awareness, a state of being that is automatic once we truly turn life and will, thinking and behavior, over to God’s care in prayer and meditation. 

You can’t read or study this into your life. It can’t be counseled or lectured in either. There’s no guru, minister or therapist that can give it to you. You don’t need to go to weekend retreats or attend church services to get it either. And it most certainly is not found during psychological counseling sessions.

Some of these may at times seem like productive undertakings, enhancing spirituality, adding a perception of one’s holiness. But they only impart a placebo and façade . . . intellectual substrate merely mimicking connectivity with the Creator. 

True God-consciousness is free of intellect and thought. Even the words in this piece cannot approach it and can be easily abused to self-satisfy a vulnerable reader.

Prayer and meditation, done properly and humbly, opens the psyche for God’s will to enter. It stimulates conscious awareness, automatically fostering intuitive disciple and vision. 

To become awake and aware is an inspired way of life, marked by a commitment to the Creator that most human beings will most likely never make. And yet it is the only answer to human suffering, no matter how large or small.

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  1. Kris on August 5, 2022 at 3:53 pm

    Great 👍

  2. Mark on November 3, 2022 at 3:39 pm

    Dan, been following your stuff with my friend Mike for some time. Mike has traded emails with you. The thoughts in this “all your pains” wring so true it would almost warrant yet another fellowship. Few and far between are members that own up to what you are expressing. For me, I continue to wallow in condition expressed, with brief reprieves when I truly “stop playing God”. Thanks for the thoughts.

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