The Clinical Crapshoot

Have you ever considered taking or are you now prescribed antidepressants? If so, there’s an effect that comes with certain psychoactive drugs such as these, going beyond their common pharmacology that you ought to know. 

If you’ve already consulted a medical professional about acquiring these medications, then you‘ve also probably discovered that there’s no real test required…

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#003 Hell Breaks Loose

A person who commits suicide or mass murder isn’t who you think they are. He has become the identity of someone else, who’s gotten inside him. This is metaphysical, and…

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Step Back and Watch Depression Melt Away

Step Back and Watch Depression Melt Away DEPRESSION Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email by daniel j schwarzhoff 6 min read One of my readers wrote in a while back: ‘’I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder 26 years ago, been on and off anti-depressants since. Made the decision a few months ago that I would not…

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