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Step Back and Watch Depression Melt Away

One of my readers wrote in a while back:

‘’I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder 26 years ago, been on and off anti-depressants since. Made the decision a few months ago that I would not take anti-depressants again, EVER! I started doing this meditation on my lunch break for a while. Yesterday I was experiencing a high level of depression, I was on the verge of tears all day and wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Lunch time came around and after 20 minutes of this meditation it was gone, I felt like a new man! That's like the 4th time, same situation same result.” ~ BC

This is not uncommon. Years of struggle with anxiety and depression can be easily solved by doing one simple thing. Becoming conscious. Not merely self-consciousness, but a very special variety of consciousness. A kind that most people would rather avoid.

They would rather have a softer, easier way out—the drugs, the yoga, the hypno-religions with the trance-meditations, positive thinking and affirmations. It’s all crap. It’s all panacea to inebriate you while continue to slide down into the rabbit hole, unaware, hoping you are becoming better simply because you have been artificially made to feel better.

If you’re depressed, know of someone who is depressed, or even if you aren’t directly affected by depression, you are still going to be interested in what I am about to tell you in the next several paragraphs. I’m about to tell you things doctors don’t even know, and if they did know, wouldn’t want you to.

Who couldn’t benefit from learning the truth about what motivates them, and what alters mood to help you access innate intuitiveness and inspiration to get things done? These qualities operate above negative thinking, the kind of shadowy logic that evokes depression. And negative thinking, even doubt, is a form of emotional energy just like depression.

All of it spins out of the single dark source as all negative thought. In essence, these are all exactly the same. So, you don’t have to be depressed to benefit from what I’m about to tell you.

There’s procrastination. Hesitancy. Everyone encounters doubt. You need to know how to get around these bedeviling obstacles. One of the worst and more advanced versions of this same thing is depression.

This fellow isn’t talking about any meditation. He was using Non-Contemplative Meditation that I teach and talk about in virtually all of my books and blogs. It’s very different from the usual meditations you’ll find in Eastern religious cultures, New Age and New Thought philosophies, or just about anywhere else either.

The reason why this very special meditation works to cure depression and any negative thinking, whether mild or severe, is not due to the meditation itself, but because this particular practice brings you to a place where you can make one vital, conscious decision—the only one anybody ever needs make. That is, to either be present or not. For anyone suffering from any sort of mental strife like depression, it has been due to not being present, failing to live here and now, consciously. Losing awareness leaves the door to the human psyche open and unguarded. A person is then exposed to all sorts of emotional pollution, ultimately resulting in things like depression, but also anxiety, doubt, and fear.

However, by consciously choosing to be present, depression doesn’t happen. Emotions no longer rule the thinking or behavior. Your thoughts become balanced and moderated so that you are able to regulate your behaviors, whereas before, you couldn’t. Life becomes manageable. The symptoms we call depression, don’t crop up. There is no such thing as depression for a spiritually awakened, God-conscious individual.

All that made up, “chemical imbalance” narrative that the pharmaceutical companies have managed to indoctrinated clinicians with, can no longer be blamed. It’s a fraud anyway. They invented it. It’s a beautifully orchestrated marketing con, to which even highly intellectual professionals with academic pedigrees that I can’t even fathom acquiring, all now cling. And isn’t scientifically supported. Totally fabricated. It’s a ruse.

Look, in truth, no one needs those drugs to conquer depression. All they need to do is pull back from the stream of thinking, and become non-contemplatively conscious. That works to remedy depression effectively and quickly because, unlike antidepressant chemicals that merely cover-up symptoms, conscious awareness immediately brings a person to the heart of what lies at the cause of the symptoms, of the depression.

Aside from the many people I’ve worked with over the years, I also have my own experience with depression. Don’t think for a second that any of this is meant to minimize the symptoms of depression.

A number of years ago I foolishly stopped following my own advice about conscious living and took a dreadful detour through some very treacherous waters, suffering badly from the classic symptoms of mindlessness, one of which was clinically diagnosed, major depression. I know from whence I speak, personally. I also know how to get out of it. And believe me, it isn’t drugs. It isn’t counseling. There is no mental reasoning out of causes.

Doctors have no idea of what causes depression. The only treatments they have to offer are through an assortment of chemical-cocktails, none of which actually address the cause—all of which only mask the symptoms. Meanwhile, the source of depression continues doing its thing unabated and you slowly become worse, believing you’re getting better because you temporarily feel a bit better.

With rare exception, depression does not have physiological causes—just physiological symptoms. That is what clinicians can see. It is the unseen causes that they do not understand and cannot touch. (Clearly, head trauma and other physical defects are possible, of course, and require the professional services of those trained to treat these, but this not common.)

Meddling with brain chemistry through psychoactive drugs or training thoughts to stimulate those same biochemical effects, aka. counseling, mimics wellness. But it is a violation of spiritual integrity—an artificial override, equivalent to placing black tape over the warning indicator light on the dashboard of a poorly running car.

While the Ego feels like It’s managing life with mechanical tinkering, a dangerous malfunctioning continues “under the hood”, in the psyche, and eventually all throughout the body of a resentment-wracked individual.

This is why those who’re on anti-depressant medications never truly get well by them. This is how you get sick and decrepit as you get older. Do you really want to hide knowing that this is going on inside you? I hope not.

Anxiety and depression are not diseases. Just because the disease mechanics say so, doesn’t make it so. These terribly troubling conditions are psychic signals, just like the dashboard warning light, indicating that something is spiritually broken. By snuffing out that signal with psychotropic chemicals you feel better while you become spiritually worse, not better.

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This is why folks on antidepressants, even though initially basking in drug-induced relief from the pain of their trouble troubled psyche, eventually become at risk of suicide. They experience worsening psychotic friction as time goes on, taking those camouflage drugs. Self, an Ego-entity, grows, getting stronger, the person increasingly narcissistic and self-absorbed, and unbearable to live with.

They cannot keep wholesome relationships—not with people, not with themselves. They become unified with the self-voice that’s in their heads, unable to see where their true personality begins and ends. They may even listen to that voice, as it curses against the world, God and finally against them. It may even command them to commit acts of violence against themselves, others and the world. Do you see now how some suicides and even mass murder can happen? Did you think it was a human problem? It isn’t. There’s not much humanity in it at all. These are inhuman issues.

There are metaphysical laws and forces that clinicians should not tamper with, that cannot be modified by man. The doctors are in way over their heads on this one, messing in physiological and spiritual matters that they do not understand, and over which they have no sway. No authority.

The answer to most depression is not drugs. Instead, the solution is found by getting to the metaphysical cause. Consciousness does just that.

Anyone suffering from depression, who wants to get well and get free of the drugs that are making them worse, can do it quite simply:

First, they can simply come to a state of awareness from where they can honestly observe and face the overbearing Self within them. Then, learn to disengage from It. That’s it. The depression goes away. That’s all there is to it. The remedy does not come through long courses of treatment but promptly, the instant we come to live in the present and not the future or past. The state of awareness necessary is through Non-Contemplative Meditation. No other kind of meditation works.

When a person meditates properly, using non-contemplative meditation, they step back from their thinking mind, where a lower Self has been operating, sending morbid commands to the individual.

Then, instead of replacing those dark thoughts with any other thought, simply allow the clearness of intuitive awareness to arrive and begin flowing in. Consciousness rises. The commands cease. The individual becomes free and perfectly able to regulate behaviors, without compulsively performing harms upon others or themselves anymore. You get free of all morbid thinking and are no longer plagued by anxiety or depression.

You can experience this freedom just like my friend BC, me and the thousands of people who’ve been helped by Non-Contemplative Meditation™.  I suggest you try it and experience it. That is, if you dare to discover what you need to see about your Self, and get better. Please allow me to help you do that.

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