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The Clinical Crapshoot

Have you ever considered taking or are you now prescribed antidepressants? If so, there’s an effect that comes with certain psychoactive drugs, going beyond their common pharmacology that you ought to know.

If you've already consulted a medical professional about acquiring these medications, then you‘ve also probably discovered that there’s no real test required to get them. They’re pretty much available upon request. If your doctor has agreed that you are a candidate for antidepressant therapy, then it’s also very likely that you’ve been told that your brain chemistry is imbalanced.

First, realize that the “chemical imbalance” theory of brain chemistry is really just that, a theory—a promotional narrative created in the marketing departments of drug companies and disseminated to physicians to help them create a demand. It was used to broadly distribute the medications. The effort has been an amazing success too.

In truth, science has no idea what causes anxiety or what they term as “depression.”  They don’t even know how the medications they administer work to alter mood or even the long-term effects that daily use may have on the mind and body.

Just about everything the professionals say on the subject is speculative. They don’t know. They’re guessing.

They do know certain basics about brain chemistry and how to manipulate it a bit with drugs, but as to the whys, they haven’t even gotten past fundamentals. Everything clinicians know about depression, anxiety and the brain chemistry upon which pharmaceutical therapies are based is astoundingly dicey—a kind of clinical crapshoot.

There are well-publicized drawbacks to the drugs, horrific documented side effects. But rather than speak to any of these, I will speak only to what I am most qualified to address[1]. It is the one big metaphysical shortcoming—a real doozy.

Our existence comprises spiritual as well as physical elements. One of those is something psychologists call Ego. They haven’t a clue what it is.  They just know It’s there. They suspect It is some aspect of the human mind they can study, perhaps understand and learn to control. But they do not and cannot.

Ego is not merely some arcane facet of the human mind. It is a metaphysical entity with a will of its own—a spiritual entity, the essence of something Dark with which we connect and think of as us. But it isn’t us. It tells us it is us. It pretends to be us. But It’s a Phantom Self that feeds on negative emotional responses—particularly on anger.

Psychotropic medications suspend consciousness, severing us from the discipline of conscience, allowing this lower Self to “take over,” so to speak. These chemicals permit the medicated person to ostensibly live through otherwise undesirable events that continue feeding negative emotional energy to the Entity. It nurtures and grows from that energy.

What happens when one takes antidepressants is not a true ability to manage emotions but a numbing of the unpleasantness, stimulating processes of the brain that induce pleasure. It raises the threshold for even more repressed resentment—anger and rage.

As It nourishes and enlarges It also becomes emboldened, developing an internal voice which speaks. The individual does not realize it is this creature and not himself. As It begins to ‘think’ through the patient, soon he cannot distinguish himself from the entity.

Eventually, It acts through the person with greater ease, playing host to a diabolic parasite that’s taken up residence inside his psyche. He becomes comfortable with It and even further separated from his moral conscience—from God.

Through the spread of ill-will, It replicates bitterness, upsetting the lives of those in contact with the infected person, and in time can also degenerate into an advocate of mass atrocity like murder and suicide.

These are the acts of mass violence and suicides we increasingly see in the news — and will continue to see more and more as "mental health" charlatans pump more people with antidepressant drugs.

If you feel depressed and anxious and are given anti-depressants, they will probably seem to help. They may even alleviate your uneasiness altogether. You’ll feel better. But it will be at a definite and dear cost.

The patient is able to harbor more anger and rage than ever before, the ego inside becoming stronger and more prevalent. It is only a matter of time before he’s overwhelmed, dying either through violence, or through otherwise avoidable emotionally induced diseases such as cancer or even heart attacks.

This is how people on antidepressants are getting worse, not better, while feeling better artificially.

Anxiety is not really a disease. Ideation is not an illness. These are signals indicating something is spiritually wrong. Snuffing out that signal with psychotropic chemicals allows you to feel better while actually becoming sicker—first spiritually, then mentally and physically.

The cure for depression doesn’t lie in medical cover-ups, but in addressing the source of all mental anguish. Anger. Get free of it and depression will vanish overnight. You’ll be able to forget about drugs that give only article self-esteem and instead discover true peace within.


[1] Not being a medical doctor, I don't diagnose illnesses or prescribe medication. I write about them from a spiritual perspective only. I am a strong advocate for seeking professional medical guidance and occasionally even certain medications that can assist in controlling symptomatic outbreaks of disorder, but only while concurrently addressing the spiritual origin of every mental and physical malady there is.

Check out my podcast episode, "Antidepressants – You've Been Duped"

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