This is the Forgiveness Experience — Delivered From Evil

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If there is evil in this world, wouldn’t you want to be led away from it? Are you being led away from evil now?  If you’re awake then you are . . . and you also know forgiveness.  How so? There is something called consciousness. And it places us into an extraordinary dimension of being that is separated from the thinking…

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#023 Nancy’s Nightmare

Schwarzhoff Podcast - Nancy's Nightmare

Schwarzhoff · #023 Nancy’s Nightmare Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Soundcloud Download This Episode June 24, 2021 You can endure any unpleasant, irritating assault or event. . . as long as you can still step back see your reaction to it. Dan and Dan Jr. discuss an event that happened to Nancy, the difference between conscience…

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#022 Can You Quit Your Bad Habits by Willpower?

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Schwarzhoff · Can You Quit Your Bad Habits by Willpower? Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Soundcloud Download This Episode May 26, 2021 Here’s why you haven’t been able to use willpower to break a bad habit. Plus, Dan and Dan Jr. discuss “serial entrepreneurs” and returning to a childlike state of existence.

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There Is a Cure

It is often said, and rightly too, that there is no cure for alcoholism or drug addiction. Of course, there isn’t. Cures are for things like diseases, hams, and epoxy. Neither alcoholism nor drug addiction is any of those. It takes what we often call a spiritual awakening and though the term may sound like…

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When the Awakened Return to Slumber

Have you or anyone you know ever successfully given up a vice, an abusive relationship with a substance or behavior via spiritual means, only to later transfer that obsession to another failing – or even have an outright relapse? Many have.  Well, what happened? There’s the botched broadening of a spiritual living that is the…

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What Law of Attraction Will Really Get You

using law of attraction, new thought, to try obtaining money power health

What is Law of Attraction and why do so many people in recovery from alcoholism, drug and food addictions get into it, or at least the principles behind it . . . many without even realizing that they have? Here are the basics of the philosophy: You attract into your life whatever you think. You…

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Across the Bridge Into Oblivion

I remember a New York City fireman I’d befriended who once told me, “Danny, I love my little daughter with every bone, hair, and fiber of muscle in my being. She is everything to me.” His eyes were wide and wet. Not crying wet. Honest wet. This was real. “Then when I put my mouth on that…

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Smoking – The Easiest Bad Habit to Kick

If you’re one of those people who’s failed multiple times to get free of a nicotine habit, you might find the headline of this article a bit hard to swallow. But once you understand exactly why you use nicotine in the first place, then the solution to the problem becomes much plainer and easier to approach in…

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We Aren’t Meant to Judge

We aren’t supposed to live with anger inside us, pushing us to do and say things we don’t want to do or say. We’re supposed to overcome the lash of resentful, negative energy and then never die from it. The problem is we aren’t being shown how. Parents are failing. The religions are failing. Self-reliance seems the…

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Cannabis Isn’t Evil

When you hear people talk about cannabis, arguing either for or against it, you’ll hear the usual talking points falling into two areas. First, there’s health and medicine. Media is filled with documented as well as undocumented examples illustrating some of the benefits to medically used cannabis––how people previously incapacitated by pain have gotten their lives…

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