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What Law of Attraction Will Really Get You

What is Law of Attraction and why do so many people in recovery from alcoholism, drug and food addictions get into it, or at least the principles behind it . . . many without even realizing that they have?

Here are the basics of the philosophy:

You attract into your life whatever you think. You should, therefore, use the power of your mind to make things happen in your favor. You will extract out of the universe what you want in life. They can be events, material possessions, relationships, anything at all. If you desire it, it will become yours.

If you think of yourself as rich, then you will become rich. If you think yourself to be healthy, then you will become healthy. The power of your own mind will cause the universe to bring you things that make you happy by mentally vibrating at the correct frequency, drawing that which vibrates at the same frequency into your life. This is the attraction part of the law.

What vibrating and frequency actually mean, no one seems to be able to adequately explain but it’s part of the rationalization as to how this works. 432 Hz is the assumed “frequency” of the universe. We also know that the molecules of all matter register at varying frequencies. Even the Beach Boys knew that! But science does have sensitive equipment that can actually measure those cycles.

Anytime good things happen to you it is because your thinking has been positive, vibrating at the appropriate frequency. You attract desirable things—fantastic people, profitable opportunities, money, jobs, good health, and love—all the happiness you’ll ever need. 

If you want to stop smoking, discover true love, upgrade your career, lose weight, whatever you want at all, simply learn how to harness the power of your mind to make it happen. You’ll develop a habit of manifesting abundance and bliss out of the universe if you will simply train your brain to think about it.*

Of course that immediately begs the question, “What about the bad things that happen in everyone’s life?” According to the Law, anytime bad things happen to you it’s because your thinking has been negative. You’re thoughts have been vibrating at the wrong frequency. You’ve mistuned, inadvertently attracting undesirable things into your life—the negative people, all the missed opportunities, financial stress and lost jobs, even poor health and loneliness, all the misery you have ever felt. Yes, if you get cancer it is because your thoughts attracted it to you.

To the devotee of this belief system, God may or may not be in charge—that concept is up to you, but even if He is, then so are you. You are as God, a veritable Creator, in full partnership with the Him! Law of Attraction advocates who find comfort in the religions or with spiritual movements often gravitate toward non-duality sects and cults for this reason. 

If you read this just now and thought, “Hmm. . . that doesn’t seem so bad. I might try it,” then God help you. When you dive into the mind that way, into fantasy and fabricated visions of the good life, bizarre things begin to happen to you. 

First, you encourage biochemistry in the brain to abuse neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine, turning you into a fantasy and bliss addict. By deliberately leaving the present you cultivate the tendency to live inside a bubble of imagination—a mental projection for a future that does not yet exist. This is only partial at first, but over time, continually failing to live now, you lose cognizance of reality more and more. Your physiology begins to modify. The immune system deteriorates. You begin to experience emotion-related illnesses and mental degeneration. 

There is Something inside certain types of people that responds to this. That Something is Ego, and individuals devoted to serving the Ego-entity, living and acting as one with It, cannot resist. There’s excitement in the idea of making things happen, in the pleasure and the reward. This is not to be confused with the natural desire for quality of life and an earned success. It goes beyond that to the abuse of wealth, love and security, as though these were drugs, satisfying a wicked need to cultivate anger and playing God in the secret judgment of people and the world.

This is because when selfish and self-centeredness comes in place of God-centered and self-lessness, there is seduction. And when even if buttressed and justified by ‘giving’ to others, contributing to nature and to God’s universe, it is only still with a secret hope for mystical reciprocity––for getting back, Quid-pro-quo fantasy relationship with the Creator.

And so never having lost selfishness, being inexorably merged with Ego, many ex-problem drinkers and druggers are drawn into Law of Attraction and related philosophies, New Thought, even spiritual cults out of the non-duality realm. It is a dark and self-conscious lifestyle that brings on terrible consequences. They’ve never recovered, even if they think that they have. All they’ve done is stop drinking or drugging. But they are going mad, are dying and losing at life. Every last one. This is the Law of Attraction.

*Any time you hear any of these three words, ‘manifest, bliss and abundance,’ you are likely receiving a dose of “Law of Attraction,” or some variant of the same theme. These are suggestive cues that move vulnerable individuals who are sensitive to their current unsatisfactory quality of life.

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