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This is the Forgiveness Experience — Delivered From Evil

If there is evil in this world, wouldn’t you want to be led away from it? Are you being led away from evil now? 

If you’re awake then you are . . . and you also know forgiveness

How so? There is something called consciousness. And it places us into an extraordinary dimension of being that is separated from the thinking brain. It’s a position from where we can spot emotional energies prior to them striking and causing us harm. 

Observing from this realm, we naturally become detached from the thought stream. This state of mind comprises awareness, a gracefully awakened condition that forms a shield, and prevents a resentment-filled, psychic violation from the world. We gain impartiality and foresight, neutralizing the approaching force of negativity always pushing in our direction. We have no need for speculation or conjecture and increasingly proceed to each next best thing with confidence. 

Whenever we are awake, thoughts pass harmlessly outside the psyche, failing to enter us where they might have otherwise feed a dark Thing residing inside. We’re spared. When we are unconscious, the opposite is true. Haven’t you ever felt fine, taken a short nap only discover you’ve been infiltrated by hate and anger? 

That is because subconsciousness places us in a defenseless condition. This is one reason why we must practice consciousness (meditate) before going to sleep every night. It is also why certain drug addicts, especially hallucinogen users, long-time alcoholics and anyone subjecting themselves to heavy doses of oblivion, can find it takes longer for them to awaken, even once having made a choice to do so.

Remaining conscious ensures that we increasingly live a forgiving lifestyle. That happens each time we overlook the error in whomever and whatever has tempted us to indulge in angry judgment.

Until each of us learns to live consciously, apart from the stream of thinking, observing thoughts and not getting washed away with them, we will never even know peace. We will also never see the reason for the discord that is sure to rise.  

But the solution is simple. Key is to begin living more of the time with our attention intact. That is to say awakened. This engages spiritual growth and stimulates progress. 

It’s only when our attention falters, allowing emotions to crop up within, that we become susceptible. With the shield of grace down, we are likely to get upset at any moment. That’s when anger enters. The invasion wreaks unspeakable havoc in our bodies and minds. Self-centered behavior spreads our misery to those around us. 

We foul the nest, so to speak.

But through conscious awareness, the kind that is free of thought, intellect and words, we become filed with the will of our Father and are led away from the nature of evil residing within. From there we automatically know forgiveness. 

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  1. David Bulman on May 21, 2023 at 4:17 pm

    The best and virtually only content I read these days, thankyou for the continuation of sharing Daniel 💫

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