There Is a Cure

It is often said, and rightly too, that there is no cure for alcoholism or drug addiction. Of course, there isn’t. Cures are for things like diseases, hams, and epoxy. Neither alcoholism nor drug addiction is any of those.

It takes what we often call a spiritual awakening and though the term may sound like some esoteric, hard-to-discover state reserved for pious religious types, it is not. In fact, it is so accessible and simple to experience that to a complicated mind, which we all tend to have, it can appear to be difficult. That need not be the case. 

The simple answer to all substance and behavioral abuse has eluded mainstream experts for so long because obsessive disorders like the one behind alcoholism and drug addiction are mysteriously encrypted into a pathology of disease that clinicians are trained to shun. Spiritual Disease. 

Defining this malady can be quite a subjective matter. Still, however one chooses to describe it, the concept of Spiritual Disease simply recognizes that we are all born with a metaphysical connection to our Creator and that an individual’s severance from God is not the normal human condition. It describes the sick state of being that develops whenever a person becomes psychically separated from his Creator.

This is a metaphysical disconnection that is at the cause of all anxiety, disease, war, virtually any human difficulty that has ever been or will be.

Clinicians aren’t trained, nor do they possess the proper tools, to address disorders of this realm. Any of the methods they might typically employ are woefully inadequate, and no one ever gets better. If ever they seem to, it is just a temporary illusion, a narrow relief. You see a “clean and sober” individual through a straw and do not see that they are getting worse. The need for relief remains.

Let’s take alcoholism, for example. Scientists have studied alcoholism for many years. For all their work, they produce nothing more than theories about the physiology and psychology of it. Not one scientist or clinician has ever been able to identify its origins. 

Consequently, they have never developed an effective treatment or cure. Hoping that one day they will indisputably prove that addictions and alcoholism are a disease, medicine has spawned multitudes of recovery models and pharmaceutical propositions. With no clear pathology identified, all efforts have fallen short. No advancement in the treatment or cure of alcoholism has occurred in the last several centuries. It isn’t happening. It never will.

And there’s good reason for that too. It is because alcoholism is not a disease. It is simply a convenient word we’ve created to describe a set of symptoms that we observe in chronic drinkers—a physical and mental syndrome tracing back to one original source: Resentment

They cannot stop drinking once they start due to a physical craving phenomenon activated in the body by the alcohol. Plus they must start due to an obsession that is inexorably tied to the pain of resentments from the past, present, and future. They have to play God, judging all. 

The solution is simpler than the average medical specialist will care to admit. Simply solve the anger problem, cease judging by gaining mastery over resentment, and guess what happens? The symptom disappears. Alcoholism ceases to be a problem. The obsession for the numbing relief alcohol supplies to the conscience-stricken “judge” disappears.

And the same is true of any obsession. Fixations with food, sex, shopping, money—whatever pleasure-activity and behavior to which one becomes addicted. 

Treating symptoms of any sickness and leaving the cause unaddressed never results in true recovery. There is a pathology to alcoholism and all addictions. It’s a diabolical progression that is not physiological or psychological, and applies not only to these, but to all of the obsessive behaviors that have ever plagued mankind. We can just as well include smoking, overeating, sex, and relationship addictions, too. 

Cure the underlying spiritual disease and the symptomatic, obsessive behaviors that drive the individual to seek relief fall away.

Spiritual disease is curable. All it takes is conscious awareness. Adopt that unique mindfully awakened state of being and all problems are solved. Improving conscious contact with God by practicing awareness is the only way.

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