All in a Day's Work

Right now, someone is pounding away on a MacBook keyboard, writing the next great novel that will spawn an avalanche of sequels, lunch-boxes, action figures and theme parks, not to mention a multi-billion-dollar franchise of movies and a legacy of yet unknown actors whose fame will span decades. 

Another person is right now in the throes of inventing a new technology none of us have ever heard of before. It will forever be remembered for playing a pivotal role in world history and changing how future generations live. 

It will be as earth-shattering as television, personal computing, smartphones and electric light. 

When we live moment to moment, each second mounts into minutes, the minutes into hours, days become years. 

Eventually, we have the construct of a lifetime. If we’ve lived consciously, those days comprise a level of personal productivity that to others, seems extraordinary. 

To us, all is just in a day’s work. 

From those who live this way, we see earth-shaking achievement like advances in medicine, world peace, smartphones. Even an Amazon or a SpaceX becomes possible.

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