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Seeing is Believing

To wake up is to return to consciousness lost. It is returning from an un-sane condition of mind to a sane and sound state of being. We believe as we see, and we see as we believe. 

Because when we are conscious, in those waking moments we experience the strength and security of faithfulness within. We haven’t done it. We haven’t forced ourselves into confidence. It’s just there.

Then fears fall to the side. We go through each moment of each day with courage. We move forward, wading through the stream of life, placing one foot in front of the other free of emotional worry about the future, or the time-wasting burden of constantly looking back to keep score on ourselves, on others, or even on God.

Living in real-time, we are led away from the temptation to play God in each instant that we exist in the present moment . . . in ‘now.’ It is only in this timeless instant that we can realize we are not God and only He is. No one tells it to us. We need no cajoling from preachers, pundits, or spiritual guides. We just see it as true.

As Divine Intelligence—not of our own making—called wisdom begins to enter, it flows through us and into our surroundings. It affects those around us and all that we do. All of our affairs, as it were.

Inspired insight allows us to effortlessly distinguish what we can and cannot, or should and shouldn’t do. This is not a self-intelligence to make favorable decisions. Instead, it is wordless knowing that comes by faithfully committing to our Creator as we simply go forward, under intuited guidance. 

The discipline and the foresight to make right choices come as a Supernatural Management not of our own doing. It is our Creator’s prowess, not ours. 

To the world, the high achiever could seem lucky. In some cases they may even be lauded as genius. But it is understanding through conscious awareness that allows the heavy lifting to get done effortlessly, not luck or even the power of self will.

So remain awake to receive intuited knowing. Practice it and you will become good at it. Once in contact with the Power supplying wisdom and understanding, you live what may seem to others a charmed life.

But really it is one that’s blessed, where we automatically become responsible beings, accountable to no one . . . answering only to God, our Creator Father.

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