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Can Anger Really be Managed?

Some people believe that it’s normal and at times even right to be resentful. Psychologists teach their patients how to use willpower to control their anger, convincing them that emotions, even negative ones, like anger, are a justified and natural condition—an acceptable validation of our humanness.

They’ll teach theories and market systems designed to manage anger. The theory here is that successful anger control will result in a better life. It does not.

Anger Management always fails because anger is not human. It is subhuman, and as such is beyond the control of us mortals.

Whenever humans try to manage anger, life only gets worse in the struggle.

This sort of self-will avoids the spiritual side of humanness, exclusively addressing the animal side of our existence. It ignores the spiritual element of every man or woman’s humanity, where we are not self-disciplined but instead allow our Creator to do the disciplining.

Simply letting go of resentments, as they occur, is all that it takes. Not management.

Whenever humans try to manage anger, life only gets worse in the struggle.Click To Tweet

It is extremely dangerous to learn tricks to conceal emotions, even negative ones. Any ploy to do so is mere suppression and serves only to help preserve outward appearances and sociability—facades we’ve maintained all throughout our spiritually sick lives.

Meanwhile, Something dark and sinister takes root inside, continuing to grow. It is our Lower Nature.

The first time you ever caved in to this vile entity, allowing the negative charge of resentment, and impatience to permeate your psyche, was the moment you set yourself up to become a hapless target for a hostile takeover. This was your fall from grace. And it set in motion an error-prone lifestyle responsible for every heartache you’ve ever had.

You were in effect born again—not as a superior being, but as an inferior slave, serving something sinister residing within. Now with your new identity, your Lower Self was free to pass a sentence of damnation upon those who dare to trespass against us.

And so, you proceeded on with your life—playing the judge. Playing God.

A life that contains resentment only leads only to feelings of uselessness and despair. A life that is free from all negative emotion is liberating.

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