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Tolerance is simply the willingness to bear with others, especially those whose views differ from our own. That is not to say we have to automatically force ourselves into agreement with their actions or position. All it takes to be tolerant is to show love and that takes not hating them for their opposing us, whether they are right or wrong.

There is right. There is wrong. Emotionless discernment of either, that is free of judgment, is a spiritual mandate that makes us truly useful.

To be tolerant is to show love for those who oppose us whether they are right or wrong. - @danschwarzhoff #toleranceClick To Tweet

Suppose I go to a man’s house and see that he’s taken a light bulb, dipped it in molten gold, built a pedestal for it, placed the bulb on an altar and put a prayer pillow on the floor in front of it.

Tolerance doesn’t demand that I go along with and approve of his actions. Although, he may think I ought to.

He wouldn’t want me bringing his attention to his error. He’d want support. Yet I know for sure he is wrong and doing himself harm. I must have loving strength, not being fearful of losing his approval, and tell him so.

“Hey, guy! God isn’t a lightbulb!” The correction could save his life.

Of course, there's the great chance is that he’ll just keep doing what he’s doing. And if my correction is delivered with any emotionality whatsoever, that will likely be the case. I haven’t helped.

However, the same correction, delivered from a place of neutrality—conscious and free from all negative emotion, makes a difference.

Truth, conveyed by an individual who’s not in the least bit upset or angrily suppressed, delivers patience and love.

The absence of anger is powerful. It’s curative. There’s a very great likelihood that he will instantly surrender to a nonjudgmental exemplar of patience. And he won’t even know why. Love changes people.

Most people are not practiced in this kind of emotional neutrality. They are so wrapped up in their own thoughts and the emotional spin of ego-intellect, that they’re are incapable of passing on loving correction to others. They may like to, but they feel the sting of their own judgment inside and can’t muster the courage to be outspoken. Although they must in this lifetime or else waste their purpose, whatever that purpose comes to be.

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