Discover Forgiveness Within

The mistake preachers, ministers, and spiritual pundits make with their “followers” is tell them that they must forgive, but then not show them exactly how to do it. That’s because they don’t know. It is truly a phenomenon, how someone can talk for hours or write tomes on a subject like forgiveness, and in the end, not know the first thing about how to experience it.

We humans cannot willfully decide to forgive whenever we want to, or even because we are told that we must. Forgiveness isn’t just some good deed to keep peace or to capture lost approval from others. It isn’t a manageable commodity, an art or skill that can be learned and practiced like some philosophy or academic discipline. There’s no course of study or any spiritual academy training that can transform an impatient, judgmental lout into a tolerant, loving person.

Forgiveness is a state of being. It’s when we become freed from anger that’s gotten inside us so that we stop playing God through resentful judgment. Once liberated from emotional energy, we stand back from thoughts to observe the lower Self shrinking in the Light of consciousness. Then we become incompatible with hate, and in that moment forgiving others becomes spontaneous. It isn’t a willful action. It’s an attainable condition of human existence.

No one can teach you to forgive any more than they can teach you to remove anger. What they can do is set a virtuous example for how to be, but only if they are themselves truly forgiving first. Anger is contagious among humans, and so is love.

Concurrent forgiveness between Creator and man happens spontaneously as we give up anger toward others. As we no longer hate we are promptly rescued from resentment to discover His compassion arising inside us.

There’s no need to listen to religious lectures or to study metaphysical principles like forgiveness to experience them. While ambitiously trying to gain knowledge of mystical truths, you’re likely to come away more confused than ever. Trying to learn how to tolerate offensive people will slowly drive one mad. You’ll ironically place yourself even further away from experiencing the ease and comfort that comes with true forgiveness.

You could chase what you think of as forgiveness for all your life, but without consciousness, you will never catch it. Everyone who attempts it gets lost in the pursuit. That’s because while you’re caught up in figuring out how to forgive, you’re also distracted from living now, in the present.

In the present is where true forgiveness exists. For most people, finding that and living that takes some practice. Life has so mesmerized and contaminated them they’ve neglected their first inherited innocence. But once you get the hang of it, you become freed from the binds of uncontrollable emotions. Then life becomes amazingly peaceful and easy.

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