Eating Again? Better Watch it!

Aside from sex, food is one of our most powerful of the human motivators. We might make light of our eating habits, even poke fun at our weakness for certain foods, but when it comes to eating, many of us secretly suffer from a distorted attitude. It becomes our Achilles heel, and boy, can it ever be troublesome.

I don’t care if you’re fat or skinny, muscular or lean, or just right, most people have an awkward relationship with food. In fact, nearly everyone reading this right now is going to die prematurely from obsessive food consumption. Sorry, but that’s just a statistical fact.

Despite the threat of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and all the attendant maladies nearly synonymous with overeating, many people still cannot come to full grips with the need for a healthy relationship with food. They are fixated with eating and cannot get free.

If you’re one of those people with a chronic overeating problem, it’s because you eat even when you don’t need to. In some cases, you even eat when you don’t want to. There’s no other way to put it, “You just eat too damned much.”

But there is a real solution.

I know, before now, you have not heard anyone put it quite this way. This is not some of the same ol’ same ol'. But I really hope you consider what I'm about to tell you seriously. This is the ONLY real and durable answer to overeating.

You cannot get thin to boost self-esteem, or to feel great, or because you fear illnesses or loneliness, and still remain whole as a person. It’s just a terrible idea. All egocentric motivation is debasing to your humanity and will ultimately fail.

You may well attain your ideal “look,” but the need for food will simply shift to some other vice or bad habit. No, the cause for a food fixation must be purged, not the food.

Once you recognize the origin of overeating, it becomes a simple matter to correct and begin eating normally. Simple understanding can be that powerful.

So, why would a person eat food when they don’t need to? The roots of our gastronomic desire and need for fulfillment have enormously spiritual implications. The answer lies in a hunger that is beyond the natural need for sustenance. It goes to an inner craving that’s got nothing to do with nutrition . . . you can’t diet your way out of it. It’s got nothing to do with psychology . . . you can’t be counseled into a cure. It’s a metaphysical phenomenon, where obsessive hunger forms out of spiritual defectiveness.

Understand this origin of all obsessive behavior and accept the solution to getting free from them by becoming conscious of your inordinate desire for food—without resenting it. If you can do just that, you will begin losing weight automatically and simply, without effort.

You’ll become one of those people who can simply, watch what they eat, and are in no ways fat from overindulgence.

Once conscious, it becomes impossible to abuse food anymore. You find you can easily modify the quality of foods you eat as well as the quantity. You don’t really need to diet at all.

Instead, you simply observe the need to abuse food, and in the light of consciousness, that need falls away. You begin to regulate consumption safely. You naturally eat less, without replacing a food obsession for a dieting obsession.

Unhealthy eating is just one of many human obsessions, facets of human behavior that are little understood. It’s a metaphysical affair, completely outside of the training and abilities of the conventional clinician. Yet affects every human being on earth. (Yeah, the clinician too.)

Obsessive individuals are pleasure-seeking beings. There’s a hollowness inside that aches and they compulsively seek fulfillment. They are out of control in both thought and behavior. If you have a problem with eating, it is because you’ve developed a fixation with the pleasure that food brings. That is the basis of your unmanageability.

Your need for pleasure has spawned in a place you would not have expected, and for which reason you have not so far found an answer to it. It originates in the psyche contaminated by anger. Yes, that is right. Overeating always goes to negative emotional states that accompany unrecognized resentfulness.

Any time you’re upset or angry, you are judging, playing God, alternately condemning or elevating people, places, and things, which instantly brings God’s true judgment, felt as nagging anxiety. It’s an agony you anesthetize through the pleasures of eating (or drinking, or drugs, or approval, or sex).

You literally Self-generate a hunger for food that has nothing to do with nutrition, but with a psychic satiation, supplying relief from the pain of God’s loving disapproval (the anxiety) whenever you judge, failing to meet unfairness or cruelties with objective love—the absence of hate. You become angrily stirred at the slightest thing, even at invented events, anytime you’re not mindfully God-conscious.

This understanding of just why you eat too much leads to knowing just how to solve the problem. Simply give up anger.

Look, physically, most of us can stand to carry a few extra pounds of blubber for a while. Sometimes even a spiritually growing individual can be burdened with a weight issue while on their journey. After all, we humans aren’t yet saints until we finally are saints. You want to live a long and healthy life. You do not want to die still addicted to anything.

But to do that requires honestly facing unpleasant truths about yourself. Of course you can be fat and beautiful. But fat is not beautiful. It a symptom of spiritual malady and an ugly relationship with an otherwise necessary, natural pleasure.

The solution is to be awake and aware. Conscious. Because once you wake up and begin to live in the awakened state, you can no longer play God, you can no longer judge, and anger does not get into you. You never need food to rescue you from anxiety that never appears. It doesn’t need to appear. You’re already saved from your Self.

This takes some practice. Not much. Just a little, but regularly and consistently. A person who’s developing spiritually, living moment to moment, is spontaneously freed from anger and loses the food dependency. You can begin right this minute and change the way you live forever.

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