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Have You Forgiven Your Parents? Probably Not

Dead or alive, lovable or despicable, if a parent can still make you angry, then you have not forgiven them. Until you can look to see how you’ve hated your parents in the past and allow forgiveness to enter, meaning to stop hating your parents in the present, and remain unstirred, then you cannot live long or well.

Conversely, when they do or say something tempting you to become upset, it could be in real time or from the grave by way of memory, you do not wince with emotional irritation.

That is the forgiveness experience. Then you’ll easily live long and well, filled with perfect peace.

That's all forgiveness is, you know. It’s a graciousness that comes with the cessation of anger. There’s a state of psychic being that occurs the instant we get free from anger. We stop playing God – stop judging others, sending them to heaven or hell in a self-righteous imagery of mind.

“My mother was a saint,” or, “My father is a bum,” are both equally judgmental ideas when they go beyond mere observation and into the realm of emotionality, of feelings.

Mother may have been a decent, demure woman or an impatient, controlling bitch. Dad may have been a charmer. But he also could have been a weak, feeble louse or a violent bully. No matter how they are or were, you must get free of judgmentally emoted bondage to parents – so that you can extend that freedom to the world, in this lifetime.

This is an essential component in our journey toward forever. It can begin right now. I mean at this very moment while you read this.

To experience this is so simple. It takes only standing back from the thoughts in our head, and simply observe them. That’s it. There’s nothing more. It seems too simple, and for complicated minds that may be, but it is the whole truth.  (You can learn how that’s done through the link at the end of this piece.)

This is a perspective of psyche that denies Something dark within of the judgment-fuel It craves. As It starves and shrinks, exposed under the Light of conscious awareness, it begins to die. And you begin to live.

In that moment, forgiveness is spontaneous – not willful, as has likely been your past experience, and may, therefore, think must be. Not at all. It is completely automatic, requiring no effort. Trying, in fact, spoils it.

True love like this is something we cannot live well or long without. We all must stop hating. That’s all that fore-giveness is. It’s consciously living in a pre-existent state of certain awareness so that an allowance for the offenses of others becomes spontaneous. We do not try to “Let go.” We just do. We give love before wrongdoings occur, during offensiveness, as well as in memoriam, any time we’re tempted to get upset.

Thus, anytime that resentment fails to enter us, contaminating the psyche with emotional response, we are in that moment forgiving, simultaneously knowing forgiveness from our Creator. Not quid-pro-quo, but a circular connection of positive Force ultimately fulfilling the spiritual axiom of the ages.

That is true love. That is forgiveness and that is all it is – just that simple. No life is very peaceful or successful without it. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s any more complicated than this.

You cannot forgive, like God forgives, erasing “sins” for other’s entry into heaven. That sense of the word is a classically religious concept, but isn’t true human forgiveness, not hating – at least not in the sense that I speak and write about.

Not hating is an absence of judgment, anger and fear. It’s emotional neutrality where true love coalesces within. The Spirit of Forgiveness fills us, displacing all negative energy and we become intuitive, rational beings, cleared of unsane motives, obsessiveness and irrational need.

Our thinking and behavior become a reflection of God’s nature, now emanating outward into the world. We find that we automatically do His will, on earth, just like it already is in heaven within – if indeed it is within.

Just as resenting mother and father has been elemental to our original fall from God’s protection, to not hate them now is equally essential to our new beginning – getting reconnected and enabled to do His will.

But this only becomes possible once we become still, watching thought, free of the emotion that thinking fuels and instead allow grace to enter, so we can begin to live consciously. Not self-consciously. God-consciously.

Then forgiveness is automatic. There's nothing to do. There are no sermons to hear. No Scripture to study. No adages or other people’s wisdom to memorize, to try and adopt. No courses to take or gurus to revere.

Once the dark force of hate is out of the way, we are educated wordlessly, from within, by Divine Download. We are shown wisdom within. We become filled with grace and love as the Forgiving Spirit enters and we can no longer sin – playing God, sitting in angry judgment of the world, of others, of ourselves.

Do you want to throw away those stupid anti-depressant medications, the booze, give up juuling, the unhealthy eating? None of these are legitimate coping tools. They turn you into a phony person, reliant on chemicals and human manipulation so you can retain an artificial sense of well-being. You’re still out of control.

Do you want to recover the power to regulate your behavior? You want your corroded heart to become healthy once again, your immune system to get back on track doing its job, your cancer to heal, your kids to respect you? Stop allowing your man to use you, your woman to control you?

Then give up the unrecognized resentment I am talking about in this piece. Stop being a jerk, a religious hypocrite, a spiritual clown. Stop hating and justifying negative emotions as normal. No, anger is not normal for human beings and no, not everyone gets angry. That is a terrible lie. There are those of us who have discovered how to get free. Saved. For real.

Find out what that means. Give it up too. That begins under your own roof, at home.

No human being escapes the need to be charitable toward their biological parents, dead or alive, lost or found – surrendering all bitterness with regard to a mother and father no matter how loving or wicked they may have ever been.

To become mindfully aware of how the legacy of hate is passed down through the generations of mankind from parent to child is, of course, intellectually valuable, but information alone does not disintegrate anger.

Redemption has to come from beyond the intellect – even beyond the words I now write to you. It rouses from the intuitive, right side of the brain, loosened from the ambitious selfishness of the left.

Only God, through conscious awareness, works. I invite you to access that right now. You’ll know forgiveness, finally, for real.

Here’s the link I promised. It takes you to my simple technique that will show you how to be rid of negative thoughts and spontaneously experience true optimism and confidence. It’s as simple as I say.

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