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It's Up to Us to Break the Chain of Negativity

Face it. Amidst the beauty and wonder of our creation and our human existence, the world is often wrong. The stream of life is cluttered with flotsam and jetsam containing dangerous debris. Navigating its currents can at times seem an impossibly titanic voyage.

But it isn’t. Not really. Not once you know the secret of how to meet the pressures of the world with grace it really isn’t complicated or as difficult as many of us are tempted to believe. It’s actually quite simple.

Oh, the dangers are real. People can be cruel and unthinking. There’s unfairness. There are atrocities. There’s insufferable tragedy everywhere, as well as the little things in our everyday lives. But there is a way to accept protection and allow the bad to work toward good purpose in our lives daily. Once you see and accept it, you’ll find protection, experiencing great confidence and courage in all things. You can live to the fullest, in perfect peace and serenity.

If you would like to lose your fears and become brave without cockiness, then I’d be happy to show you how simple it is. Would you like to share this brave view with me?

You wouldn’t like to think so, but please recognize how even the tiniest psychic infraction, unless met with properly, will disrupt peace and serenity. See the importance of simple, constant vigilance, and how you can employ it to safely traverse even the most treacherous seas.

Just what type of infraction am I talking about? Emotionany and all emotional energy emanating out of the miasma of the universe. The most obvious of these is the negative charge of resentment. Excusing anger as a necessary, even productive element of our humanity is a grave error. Getting free from anger, conquering the bitter, deadly force of resentment is the only way to maintain humanness.

Here, vigilance is necessary. No struggle. No effort. Just watching is all it takes to successfully master resentment. Awareness reestablishes the lost connection to our Creator, through which we receive infallible protection.

We’re all born connected to our Creator with a natural, spiritual guidance system. His will flows through, intuitively communicating to us through wordless conscience  But the moment anyone or anything causes us to become upset, we immediately undergo a systematic suspension from that original insightful direction.

In such occurrences, we’re at once imprinted with the brutality of the tormentor and his will, really the nature of his own personal persecutorsparents, teachers, and bullies, breaches our inner security.

If this has ever happened to you, and it has, believe me, it was the beginning of a string of improper reactions going forward. You became violated by negative emotions, sensitized to the cruelties of the world. You didn’t really get angry. None of us do, although surely you’ve felt its grip. In truth, anger had gotten into you!

Now, an Identity inside the person you’ve hated controls your thinking and behavior just as It already controls your violator . . . as it controlled whoever it was that first defiled him.

This is the chain reaction of negativity and once fallen to it, you become enslaved to it. Something vile robs the innocence from everyone along the line. It begins the moment you respond in kind with emotion, even once.

This is the fall of all mankind repeated in this manner over and over, in the lives of all who do not awaken and turn their life and will over to their Creator through intuitive consciousness.

We don’t come into the world pre-loaded with fear. We’re born with innate courage, connected to our Creator, filled with faith and trust in Him to always give us what we need, even without our asking. But it doesn’t last. The sin of the world gets into us.

Everyone who fears has not evoked it themselves. It was put into them, a projection from someone who was supposed to love them but didn’t know how.

Once infected, uncertainty spreads within. Intuition becomes impeded, instinct increases and you begin to doubt yourself. What you’d otherwise immediately know is right becomes subject to the voice of the Devil’s Advocate within. Instead of indecision supplying the productive spice of life, it becomes debilitating hesitancy and insecurity, something to dread, paralyzing a natural proclivity for wholesome adventure.

You don’t know this is happening. You begin to feel uncomfortable and defensive. An impending sense of doom rises. You retreat into intellect, becoming entangled with the thoughts inside your head, keeping you in a dulled state of consciousness. Left unchecked, they will haunt you till your dying day.

For this reason, you must master resentment. You have to get free of anger. If you do not, you can never experience peace, or mental and physical wholesomeness. You’ll never become the successful, confident person you were meant to be.

However, once you do become immune to resentment, an inexplicably wonderful life ensues, full of adventure, discovery and yes, even prosperityfirst in virtuousness. You can truly appreciate the beauty of a flower, the view of Earth from the window of an orbiting spacecraft, the joy of raising children and just being a productive member of the human race.

Once we become still, we can transcend the harmful din of negative pressure, not struggling against evil but overcoming it with unattached neutralitywith love.

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