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Knock, Knock – The Door's Already Open

Where are the keys to success and happiness? How worthwhile is the chase to discover them?

In committing to consciousness, we move beyond thinking and wishing or praying for success and happiness. Instead, we begin to effortlessly experience the security we once chased.

First, we discover within us a courageous energy to make the single epic choice that every human being must face in this lifetime. Then, in choosing correctly, success becomes instantaneous.

The more we continue living by that choice, the longer success endures and the wider the positive influence our fortunes will have in the world—through us.

There aren’t any keys to success in life. Search for one and you won't find it. If anyone tells you they’ll sell it to you, they’re disingenuous. All the so-called “keys” to success are counterfeits, just fabrications of metaphoric fantasies created to open an imagined lock that doesn’t even exist.

The capacity for success is already within you. Simply step up to the door. Choose to enter. It's never locked.

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