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Losing Fear

We all have had first-hand experiences with fear. Once we see just what it is, we can then begin to see what is necessary for it to fall away. It is so simple, once you truly experience an absence of fear, you’ll wonder why you’ve ever worried about the future or been overwhelmed by fear at all.

Most fear isn’t what you’ve thought or been told it is. It certainly isn’t something that need be a deterrent to good living.

Fear is an emotion. It is a variety of resentment energy spun through imagined events that are yet to occur. They exist in a make-believe universe, part of a fantasy potential that doesn’t exist. Not in the present moment. Anything that isn’t now, isn’t––and is therefore artificial.

To become free of fear means that illusion fails to take us out of the present. Then by default, we remain here, now, and there isn’t any future or past to affect us either negatively or positively. We stop worrying. Our bodies and minds ease, remaining prepared and useful. Our brain employs as it is intended. We are energetic, auto-responding with confidence to conditions in the stream of life.

Consciousness is the only protection we have against fear, ensuring that we remain ever-watchful, living only in the present moment. After all, now is the only time any of us has or will ever need.

During our lifetimes, we are regularly placed onto high spots as well as low spots. The most efficient ride is down the center, experiencing events from a position of emotional neutrality.

From this middle ground of conscious awareness, we experience the good along with the bad without becoming overwhelmed by the emotional energies of either.

But note, that unless understood, this principle is one that others, seen and unseen, can also use against you.

People who know how you respond to conditions can control by manipulating those conditions. And unless they are conscious will be compelled to do so. Remaining centered and free, you’ll retain your integrity despite their efforts.

No one can take advantage of you, no situation can overwhelm, as long as you are objective. It takes knowing in a general way that there will be trials from which to grow as well as triumphs to enjoy––and then not struggling to raise or avoid either. This is faith.

Focusing on a future that does not yet exist brings an instant projection of fear. This is how fortune tellers and prosperity preachers make bank.

But neutrality, the disentanglement of psyche from thinking, is freedom from fear which in turn translates into good health for the body, the mind and perfect peace within.

It is impossible to be spiritually awake and fearful at the same time.

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