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Positive Thinking – Creating Gods

Positive thinking, platitudes, and concepts like, "Faking it till you make it,” do not lead to genuine contentment.  That is because these are self-hypnotizing and merely ambitious efforts to elevate oneself onto a temporary platform of false security. This amounts to nothing more than childlike fantasying.

A positive thinking philosophy promotes disregard for the realities of cruel and unjust surroundings, and the nefarious Powers behind their generation which devour us from the inside out. This is the origin of all sickness, misery, and death.

Positive thinking allows these to "manifest" because it evolves into playing God, trying to willfully manipulate fate, altering outcomes through the power of your own mind.

It works sometimes too, which is why it is so dangerous. Playing God always is. It’s the abject rejection of faith in God traded for faith in Self.

If you become involved with "positive thinking" you will never get over your anger and this will make you very sick—you will die from it.

Instead be still, know you are not God and He will run things His way – not the way a positive thinker tries to “will” into existence.

We are the created, not the Creators. Whenever we act as if we are God too, tragedy ensues. Stay away from "positive thinking" philosophies. You'll be happy you did. Very unhappy if you don’t.

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