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Saying I'm Sorry

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November 26, 2017

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A begrudging apology just to smooth over a relationship broken by selfish and self-seeking behavior can look good on the surface. Very often, however, it’s is nothing more than a feeble attempt to regain lost approval. An amends is worthless unless fueled by the supernatural energy that is evoked through a forgiving spirit, free from all personal need for acceptance.

If we go to someone filled with love, free of the slightest rancor, the event takes on a metaphysical elegance. There’s a transfer of positive energy. Kindness becomes contagious and there is an exchange of true love.

Forgiving others, meaning not hating them for their errors, and receiving forgiveness, do not need to be a complex matter. It’s a simple, automated element of consciousness exquisitely built into mindful living.

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When we’re conscious, we are in a state of psychic detachment. Inherent objectivity keeps us safe and protected from negative emotions.

In the absence of hate, both love and tolerance emerge from within. Then we experience forgiveness, without even trying. It’s a spiritual reflex for anyone who’s gained mastery over resentment. And that comes automatically to anyone who's become God-conscious.

The problem for many is they don’t know what God-consciousness is. We read about it. We’re lectured-to by individuals wielding a jargon of forgiveness, and in hearing, it makes intellectual sense to the searching mind. But the consciousness experience still evades most people. They remain lost in thought subject to the will of self and the wills within others. That’s because they’ve yet to make consciousness the primary modus of their human existence, and so haven’t learned how it is done, let alone experience it.

Consciousness has most likely been avoided in favor of easier, softer ways of living, while remaining attached to an angry, resentful, fear-laden self.

Yet it is so simple to do. So immediate. So effective.

If a person can just begin to live, not talk about, not study, not read about, but truly live, mindfully conscious, everything changes. Effortlessly and automatically. Their fears go away. They stop hating. They stop resenting. They cease doing the things they’d never even admit they've done or are still doing, prior to waking up.

They can freely admit the harms to others they’ve done in the past without being overcome with remorse or shame. Shame is replaced by an honest mourning from within, of the healing kind. They experience what religions call repentance, instantly receiving the power and strength to effect repairs on whatever damages they can—then, go on with life, moment-to-moment in the present, without fear or regret—maybe even carrying away a powerful story  of reconciliation with their Creator with which to serve and inspire others to follow the same path.

Then life comes into order and there's peace, usefulness, and ease of living incomparable any other.

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