The Journey Begins at Home

Most of us need to start a family. It isn’t just to populate the planet. There are enormous metaphysical ramifications too.

The home is the trial place—a vital component in a universal design out of which love cultivates. To run from that responsibility is to scoff at the will of the Designer, and His purpose for all of humanity.

Human aren’t bees, birds or alligators. We’re spirited beings, distinct from the animal world, fallen into a mortal, animal realm. We have to get the heck out of this mess. It takes love.

The problem is too many of us don’t know what love is. We think we do. And in that misunderstanding, lies the thick of an ancient dilemma. It is the war between good and evil.

Fortunately, there is a way out of the dilemma and onto victory. And it is closer to home than you might think. In fact, it is home.

With few exceptions, all men must commit to a woman and then procreate with her. It becomes, irrevocable, supernatural obligation where he assumes the leadership role, conveying the essence of his being into a wife and their children.

The manifestation of the virtuously led family, under the direction of a God-conscious man, who’s guided by the Father above him, is the embodiment of a great hierarchy for all human existence. That is how we travel this journey toward God. That is how we become perfected in this lifetime.

Most have not experienced this kind of love. None of us have been brought into the world to find a spiritually healthy, loving environment in which to grow. Instead we’ve found cruelty and injustice. It’s upset us and we’ve suffered for that.

But it is through suffering that we can grow toward our final perfection. Having been disadvantaged, even violated, we can still regain lost love and employ tolerance going forward. How?

There’s one way only. It is through conscious contact with God, committing to nothing except His will.

It’s so simple, it’s easy to say, and easy to miss the experience too. But peace is ours, when we cease fighting. Stop judging. Give up playing God. We get free from anger.

Once we still our minds, the natural expression of grace automatically occurs. We are then God-conscious and impervious to the negative influence of resentment energy, anger or fear.

We begin to live in that renowned 4th Dimension of Existence. It’s real! It’s magic. The stress of the world no longer wears us out, killing us prematurely and making us miserable in the process. Life becomes an effortless unfolding of events instead of an ambitious struggle to make it work to our advantage. Advantage just comes.

The cessation of struggle is not merely acting passively. That’s feeble. It is a calming of the internal friction that comes from a guilty conscience. Peace of mind and ease of living develops the moment we give up resentment energy, becoming guilty of nothing.  We see that we are already forgiven.

This is experienced by raising kids with love and gaining patience in a stressful family environment. Then, you and they both take that discovery out and into the daily world. Life becomes a joy.

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The alternative is to remain angry, unwittingly traumatizing your children, injecting impatience and a tense demeanor into them, so that they have to turn to nicotine, sex, pot, and alcohol – just to numb the discomfort and to hide their lack of respect for you, and their own bitterness toward life and themselves.

Instead, instill a capacity to cope with the world into your family by first having it yourself. It’s a metaphysical skill-set you don’t even realize exists within you. Let that unfold and it’ll show you how to meet the pressures of life without rancor. It’s an intuitive gift of the Creator.

Through conscious awareness you allow the Presence of God to flow in, becoming cleansed in the process. You become intuitively guided and can set the example for others very easily, just by living.

That is what you give to your children and to the world. Become still. Allow the real you, the good-spirited side of your makeup to sever an unholy allegiance with a dark selfish Ego within and stop acting on It’s behalf. Let go of the nervous bundle of mixed, conflicting energies masquerading as yours, but really isn’t.

Do that, so tolerance, love, and forgiveness all become the natural expression of your lifestyle, the family’s lifestyle. Then you all touch the world with patience and love.

As it turns out, charity really does begin in the home, doesn’t it?

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