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The "Let It Go" Paradox

You’ve heard it before. Advice to the emotionally beleaguered.” Let it go,” they say. “Let God.” That sounds great. It is great. But also, it presumes a person knows just how to do that. Spiritual pundits are great that way. They tell you what to do, and are frequently correct. But hardly ever do they explain just how to go about it. *

You can’t just say to bitterness or resentment, “Go away,” and expect it to happen. Pesky negative thinking won’t just vanish on command. Try that and you’ll likely become emotionally impaled on it.

But there is a way to “Let Go, and to let God.” And that is what I am going to address here.

Whenever we resent another human being, it sets off a train of metaphysical events within our psyche. And in that process, we soon come to a painful juncture each time, where resentfulness morphs judgement into pain. It never fails. No one escapes.

We experience a visceral shame for having played God, for having been emotional arbiters of good and evil. This is a spiritual maxim. There is no preventing it. All human beings are spiritually wired for a metaphysical regulator that’s built into the conscience. You do not know that it’s happening, but it assuredly is.

A person living on top of repressed anger and unrecognized resentment leads a double life. He hides from the pain of his own guilt, while putting on a face he wants others to see, that he wants to see in the mirror—but knowing in his heart that there’s something else about him that doesn’t measure up. Hence shame, guilt, and a gnawing call to get real. Meanwhile, he responds to the world he lives in with a judgmental and resentful eye.

No human being has the means of “letting go” of a resentment, even though that is the common vernacular we use. Anytime the individual tries to remove what he’s told are, or he feels are barriers to God and peace, he can only willfully struggle with his flaws–which only entangles him further. This is the spiritual quagmire in which many pious types find themselves.

Clergy and other kinds of spiritual authorities are especially susceptible to this predicament. Managing a pious air of serenity, perhaps even experiencing a certain blissful numbness—suppression works, for a while. Perhaps for years. But, it does not last forever.

This is why we see so many religious leaders and moralists who fall to the same sins and derelictions they devote their entire lives to combating. It is why cops become criminals. Virgins become whores. Drug counselors become drug abusers.

They each know better, often from their own past suffering and yet they cannot help but go back to their own vomit like conscienceless dogs. It is the spiritual irony characteristic of playing God.

The ancient spiritual truism, “Resist not evil,” doesn’t suggest that we ought to resign to wickedness. It reminds us to not willfully engage against it. It recognizes that it's a willful spirit that has introduced evil in the first place and that by using self-will to combat self-will - is still self-will! This is a diabolical, circuitous entrapment.

The sole solution is to stop struggling to remove what you think are barriers to God and to instead allow Him inside us so you can be saved from that defectiveness, without your willful meddling. There is no other way.

Discovering God, allowing Him in "firstly," results in the elimination of obstacles to Him, "secondly." On the other hand, ambitiously trying to remove the impediments first in order to find Him, is backward and guarantees forever remaining blocked by those same obstacles.

Once we cease struggling with our shortcomings, and instead allow a force of consciousness to prevail over the emotional energy of self-will, then our faults melt away.

Allow God in FIRST, then vices and obstacles to Him are removed SECOND. Not the other way around.Click To Tweet

In those aware moments, we become pure and virtuous experiencing perfect peace within. This is the opposite of self-consciousness. It is God-consciousness.

Conscious contact with God has got to come first – after that, the transformation of character and spiritual protection will follow, automatically. It is never the other way around. This is a spiritual paradox, but it is of vital importance if we are to break free from the vicious cycle of trying to install our own “goodness”.

We have none, except what we allow it in from God by the stillness of conscious awareness.

A rare few do this automatically. They’ve been spared the gross violations of a broken family, abuses and traumas. But for the rest of us, most of us, this takes daily practice. This is why I’ve developed Non-Contemplative Meditation™.

It shows you the way to the threshold of conscious awareness within, to the present, where you discover and connect with your Creator. You make the decision to walk through that doorway or not. But once you do, you find in just that, you’ve already, “Let Go and let God.”

If you’ve ever struggled with nagging resentment, irritation, fear, doubt and anger, or felt the need to “Let it go,” only to have those negative emotions boomerang back to overwhelm you once more, then you really need to use my proposal and be rid of the struggle forever.

Practice stillness, observe thoughts, allow consciousness to rise about the thinking mind – and you will be free.

* They don’t know.

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