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The Real Remedy for Racism

Individuals we call “racist” are very misunderstood people. Exploited by politicians and corporate organizers for the tension and the problems they help foment, they are problematic, for sure. They cause unrest and heated division among us.

But, if clear-seeing, aware people can recognize these troubled folks for what they really are and stop reacting improperly to them, then what we term as “racism” can be conquered, in our lifetime. Race-baiting, self-seeking interests would lose the power they’ve already garnered through society’s fears and we’d no longer remain awash in ignorance, arrogance, and deceptiveness. There would be peace.

In short, black and white would finally unite.

The way to reconciliation among all races is to understand what is meant by the word, “racism,” and that means first acknowledging what underlies it. It is anger, that negative emotion, spun by the Ego inside the human psyche out of the resentment-force that pulses through the universe.

Resentment comes in multiple flavors, one of the most popular to the human appetite being anger. As Ego evolves this force into emotional bitterness, It devours the power that’s packed within, strengthening, increasingly exercising the wholesale judgment of unworthiness on others—playing God. The unholy daily bread of Darkness is anger.

Frequently, Ego will use thought-narrative It creates regarding skin color, nationality, and race. When that happens, we call this anger, “Racism.” That word becomes a handy designation with which to identify this particular bent of the hater in that moment.

We call him a racist – a hater by any other name would stink as foul.

The anger-infused person we recognize as a racist does not limit his anger toward skin color or nationality. He’ll typically hold judgments on everyone he meets, even toward himself.

Ego manufactures any excuse It can for even the slightest negative emotional eruption. Rationalizations help keep Its unwitting human-host in the anger-zone. The gender, wealth, weight, hairstyle, lifestyle, accent, literally any trait or characteristic, real or imagined of any person or circumstance will do nicely.

All It cares about is that an angry, judgmental story generates in the thought stream of the hater. It derives nourishment from all forms of negativity, pessimism, and fear derived out of resentment-energy absorbed.

This is not without dire consequences. The so-called “racist” is also plagued by a myriad of emotionally provoked troubles. All who anger engage in egoistic remedies for their inner pain. They suffer physically and mentally for it. There is no such thing as an angry human being who lives long, well and in peace.

Racists, anger-infected people of all types, are psychopaths—depraved, ill and anxious, not because of their racism, but from the underlying negative energy that courses through the psyche, mind, and body of every angry human being.

They’re lost in thought, and when conscious at all, then only self-conscious, still absorbed with their own comforts and sense of worth. All anger-infected people are dying, while compulsively contaminating the world around in order to take as many others with them as they can.

They don’t know it and might even recoil from the very notion. Still, they cannot help but continue to spread the spiritual disease of hate and discord, under orders from a lower Self that's wrested control of their thoughts and actions.

The solution to racism is not to try to try to fix racism. That would be treating the name of a symptom while anger, the underlying malady, continues to ravage the individual from the inside out.

The only remedy for racism is to recognize that it is really a misnomer. Then address the true culprit of all racial tension. It is anger. Get free of all anger and master resentment. Become immune to ill-will by starving the Ego of its hate-food. Then peace on earth ensues and that vile symptom of underlying anger we call racism can no longer exist.

Anger is the true culprit of all racial tension. Get free from all anger, and racism can no longer exist.Click To Tweet

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