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This 'Thing' Called Ego

Many of us have been trained to think of the Ego as a part of us—just one of the multiple facets that comprise the complex human personality. Counselors, clerics, and teachers believe this. Your doctor believes it. Everyone coming out of the universities believes it too.

Despite the prevalence of this idea, their beliefs are only theoretical—incomplete at best. They have no idea what the Ego is and their speculation about It has led to much misunderstanding about the nature of human suffering.

The simple fact is that everything you’ve ever been told about the Ego, everything you have read or heard from psychologists, spiritual pundits, religious clerics, and university professors has been wrong.

These aren’t ignorant people. They are highly intelligent, well-meaning people, but their information and training have been corrupted, based upon a planned ignorance that not even they have been aware of.

The word ego just means, “I myself.” It is taken directly from Latin, first coined by a German physician named Georg Groddeck, who was an early 20th Century pioneer in psychosomatic medicine.

Professionals like Groddeck, examining the human psyche have long recognized that some Thing is there and whatever that is, it holds enormous command over thinking and human behavior. But they haven’t been successful in identifying its nature or very much of its enormous significance. All they have is the label they’ve put on it.

We can still use their word. There’s nothing wrong with it. But we can also discover what it is, and we had better because Ego is not some psychological aspect of the human mind as many suppose. It is far more nefarious.

What some term as “Ego” is a metaphysical identity. It’s the dark, alien nature of Something, sometimes pegged as Pride, expressing inside each of us. It is a lower Self that’s taken up residence within our psyches.

It pretends to be us, or at least some fragment of our human makeup, but It is neither. It’s a parasitic foreigner, an inhuman entity having no life of It’s own except that It lives vicariously through us. It even speaks to us, uttering by way of the thoughts inside our heads, as we mistakenly identify with It.

We believe It to be us. Thus, we are fooled by a terrible ruse—our eyes, our ears, our bodies cease serving our Creator’s will and we begin to serve the will of Darkness, totally unaware that we’ve been deceived.

This dark, intrusive intelligence carries on the charade for as long as we remain unmindful of It. Meanwhile, It feeds and nurtures off whatever resentment energy It can instigate through our thoughts and actions. Our life becomes It’s life.

We go from innocent and childlike to angry and judgmental, God-separated beings. Left alone and rudderless we are lost, without discipline, direction or intuitive guidance. The quality of our lives becomes pitted with ailment and heartache when it could be characterized by well-being and joy.

This is part of a metaphysical etiology out of which all the troubles of mankind stem, originating with the psychic infection of resentment. This is the very description of what is often termed as “spiritual disease.”

While our spirit entity remains intact in this realm, it is the spirit’s conscious connectivity with God that has become infected, damaged and unable to communicate with Him. A Dark Phantom Self rises to take charge. As life goes on we become increasingly desensitized to Its presence, until one day we can no longer distinguish where we begin and It ends. Our true identity becomes blurred and we slowly go mad.

This creature will do anything to make sure that you or anyone reading this right now do not believe what I’ve just told you. It perverts religious teaching, psychological analyses, and spiritual philosophies to conceal and invalidate all of this.

It will mutter in your own voice, or perhaps the voice of a parent, discrediting and castigating anyone who dares reveal this to you. It rebels against truth because It needs to remain undetected or at least mischaracterized so as to continue replicating Itself in our children and our children’s children.

The Ego is not a psychological feature of humanity. It is an inhuman, spiritual entity, projecting the nature of a nefarious intelligence. It exploits the angry individual’s inclination to become lost in thought.

Fortunately, each time you practice consciousness, you are immediately released from the confines of the contemplative mind—and therefore the Ego. Do it regularly, and you begin to live free all the time. Non-Contemplative Meditation works by placing you in a protective state of neutrality where you are the observer of thinking, apart from the constant stream of thought. You become you once again, as you were when you were a little child.

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This is the spiritually awakened condition people often call the 4th dimension of existence. It’s an elusive place many speak of but precious few ever seem to truly experience. But now you will experience it.

It’ll change your life and the lives of everyone you touch, beginning the moment you first meditate in the manner shown. Then if you continue, for the rest of your life.

–adapted from my book, Go In.

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