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When All Hell Breaks Loose

A person who commits suicide or mass murder isn’t who you think they are. He isn’t even who he thinks he is. He has become the identity of someone else, who’s gotten inside him.

Forget about TV and screenwriter’s true crime or dramatic depictions. Forget about psychological speculation. The cause of all human violence goes to a phenomenon that is beyond the understanding of intellectual analysis.

It is metaphysical, and for this reason, experts will always look toward wrong solutions. The criminologists and psychologist are confused about the nature of human-kind and have no idea what they’re dealing with.

It is worse than they could ever imagine, but also simpler to solve that they will likely ever know.

Individuals compelled to kill others or themselves are in what I call a concluded identity crisis.* Random or mass murders and suicides are committed by self-absorbed approval seekers who’ve been infected with an Identity within them—a dark invader that no one sees but develops over time.

But they see It. They hear It too.

It’s an evolution of the nature of anger, cultivated over time, that’s been originally implanted by a parent, a caregiver or other tormentors who’ve betrayed them when they were but a child. It was at a time when they were defenseless and in need of real parental love from biological parents. They didn’t get any.

Instead they received an emotional conveyance of anger, beginning at the hands of an impatient mother who had no husband to intervene, providing the fatherly love both she and child need to thrive.

Fatherless homes or family environments with weak, demoralized men without honorable authority to guide the family are to blame. Kids become contaminated by the nature of bitter energy passed on to them. And their anger, now projected into their once-innocent hearts, becomes the managing force in their lives.

That bitter spirit dwells inside of the tormented, growing and feeding on the irritation and discontentment arising out of poorly met life events.

These emotional forces help spin even more resentment all through life. No one who fails to learn how to properly meet the stress of life, the negative energies packed into resentment, will escape this principle.

It becomes worse under the influence of psychoactive medications (SSRIs), narcotic religious practices or excesses and indulgences like sex, food, gambling, or drugs. All of these only prolong a gratification of conscience, enabling an unholy Self to enlarge and reach appalling proportions.

Children entering the public-school system are placed in the care of teachers and administrators who haven’t the patience or the skill to manage or discipline anger-infected students. They are routinely scanned and then medicated with powerful psychotropic drugs—the schools becoming artificially subdued madhouses. Something horrible within takes over the thinking and behavior of some of the most traumatized students who become ticking time bombs that can go off on a violent spree at any moment.

Other than an obnoxious narcissistic attitude, maybe some antisocial behavior, this goes largely ignored.

But inside, It speaks.

That’s the voice in your head that nags you how you forget to turn the iron off when you did—that you’re an idiot or that you are wonderful. But now It gets louder.

Eventually the individual can no longer tell where he ends and It begins. Some people become so unified with It that one day It tells them to do something terrible—and they do it, thinking it’s their own idea. As if under a spell, they cannot disobey. And so it’s off to the crowded mall, the school campus or the nearest rock show with an AK-47. Or perhaps over to the rail of the bridge or under a door jamb to slip the neck into a suspended belt loop.

They have no control over their actions, but something inside them does. It means to spread the nature of resentment widely. The wider, the more enduring, the better It’s foul purpose is served. Surely, you’ve heard the expression, "Then, all Hell broke loose.” Well, this is it.

There’s no scientific or clinical treatment for this phenomenon. It is a metaphysical problem having a metaphysical solution, rooted in spirituality. Not religion. Not even classic spirituality, but a certain state of graciousness some of us come to experience as the 4th dimension of existence. It is based in human awareness that’s only attained through consciousness reuniting the individual with the Creator to Whom all humans are originally connected at birth.

As society continues to deteriorate, as more and more angry people suppress their emotions and feed the Dark Entity within us all, and as medicine comes to the rescue with more sophisticated medications, therapies, and placebos, we will see increasingly more violence, more people beginning to erupt from within. And those events will be mass murders and suicides—or both. It could become epidemic. It will be close to all of us.

Everyone who learns to properly face the stress of life, meeting the inevitable negative energies packed into resentment with grace, develops immunity to resentment. They become patient, loving human beings and no longer hate. They learn to love, forgiving those who have trespassed against them.

I propose the same solution for you too. For all the world. All it takes to meet the cruelties and injustices of the world and survive unscathed is in practicing simple stillness in consciousness.

*This is a judgmental, angry, suppressed state of unconsciousness, where the individual has become committed to a lower self-entity within that plays God through him, judging others but also judging the individual himself. He could eventually become convinced by this alter-entity, which he thinks of as himself, that he and others must not continue living, either for his or their own good.

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