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Why Women Can’t Tell Men What They Really Want

I don’t know what the heck happened to Periscope. It looked really cool and useful when I first began using it a year and a half ago. But boy did it slide sideways off the table. And with such good potential too. Now, lost. I have to make sure my daughter doesn’t have that APP on her iPhone lest she inadvertently sees what I saw last night.

Apparently, Periscope is now about fifty percent occupied by young girls, clearly minors and even some not so young girls (Ladies! Really now), baring skin and cleavage, for the entertainment of men and boys of all ages.

They’ve learned to tease and although some may be intellectually innocent, there isn’t much virtue left. It’s been sucked out of them. It can be heartbreaking.

It isn’t the social media platform’s fault that this has happened. Although it is too bad they don’t seem to make much effort to screen it out. This is behavior that’s existed for centuries. These girls and women are tragic and lost.

But in essence, they’re just following orders—directives issued by an unseen force they may never realize has gotten into them and taken control of their attitudes and behaviors. Someone’s been asleep at the wheel. Who? Read on.

Women of all ages need a man who will not let them down. They need an honorable hero. They’ve seen the way their own fathers have failed their mothers and also them. They’ve been burned and look to test a guy to see if he’s virtuous, that he has moral strength and will not surrender to their tempting. They don’t realize they are doing this. It’s completely compulsive. Something inside them that they identify with, gets a thrill out of seeing a man squirm under their charms.

It enjoys controlling him – playing God.  And they become excited, even sexually, by the man’s behavior once he goes weak, giving in and having sex by her command. Beckoning would also be the word. They sense it’s not true love making, but compulsiveness that springs out of the greed-need to gratify the man’s physical need, but also a bizarre emotional craving to be loved. To get approval out of a woman—like a little momma’s boy.

Once that need arises, he cannot resist her charms. He gives in to her. Then she will own him and bask in the power, but eventually, also come to despise him for being so easily conquered and made subservient. He has failed the test and she hates him for it.

While something in her loves the control she wields, something else in her, called conscience, is well aware that things are not as they should be between them. And she resents it. This is how all women end up hating all men. Do you want to know the source of anger in feminism and gender envy? This is it—the weak man’s fault.

The high a man gets when a woman allows him to have her is a mark of the approval he craves from all women, a compensation for having resented his own mother for impatience and headstrongness against her own husband and male children.

Women, even very young girls, intuitively recognize when a man is emotionally weak for them. As a result, they end up hating all men for failing to be the strong authority, unable to not be seduced – a trait they never saw in father, who had not the manly expertise to correct any of the women under his roof, particularly his own wife.

There are no exceptions. Not even after marriage, but at least then a couple becomes committed to working it out over a lifetime.

Some couples will work it out, and their children will benefit. They may make the same mistakes their parents did, but at least they’re plugged into a virtuous legacy of commitment to each other and their children. They’re then rewarded with virtue, not cursed by self-centered use that typifies a flimsy partnership of convenience. If not, the cycle repeats and the suffering continues, passed onto the next generation.

Out-of-control men and women aren’t acting on their own volition. They march to the rhythm of a drum beating within them they do not understand. It is something that’s gotten inside through anger. It sets up the conflict that comes to exist in every single man-woman relationship that ever is and ever was since the first one.

Conquering this legacy of horror is why marriage exists. It is not merely a man-made, contractual arrangement. It’s a metaphysical union between the two sexes that is real and once made, endures for an entire human lifetime – even when disavowed by the parties.

This goes beyond biology. If it were just a matter of physical attraction and natural reproductive functioning, men could easily regulate themselves. They’d treat women with respect and commit to passing on love to them rather than using them to feel manly. But it is not physical. It's metaphysical – the spiritual breakdown and a fatal distortion of the original supernatural connectivity between God, men, and women.

Men and women can break out of this quickly. Simply see your role and the effects that the opposite sex has on you, and you on them. In seeing and embracing simple awareness, you find that you can deny unvirtuous behaviors that otherwise build guilt along with an insatiable need for more of it. It’s so easy. Just wake up, and begin a conscious lifestyle. Experiencing life moment to moment, instead of remaining wrapped up in thinking. That’s all it takes.

When you are conscious it becomes easy to recognize two truths about your relationships with the opposite sex. Once your eyes are opened, the metaphysical remedy for all unhappiness in relationships becomes plain. You shake off uneasiness over the opposite sex like a dog shakes off a bad case of fleas.

Ladies, first see that your temperament is not solely the product of hormones. Your attraction to certain men is not just biological. It is mostly emotional, fomented by an inherent need to tease and test a man’s obligation to His Creator. Every time you allow a man access to your body without committing to you for a lifetime, his self-centeredness and need are revealed. You resent not finding God’s love in him. You judge him, as you have also judged your failed father.

Now, uncomfortable with that bitterness, you become addicted to the swell of control he gives you. It is never enough and so over time, you become increasingly anxious or depressed. Your man-boy servant now becomes both irritant and stimulant, as your control over him increases.

You begin to admire yourself as God. You evolve a reliance upon men to place you on a pedestal, while you worship yourself. They eagerly do it too, for your approval. You will even place a man on a pedestal in exchange for his servile devotion. You cannot help it. It is compulsory.

Men, see how your craving for a woman’s body, while partially biological, is not wholly based in reproductive instinct. Your unmanageable attraction to the vision and shape of a woman is emotionally tied to something else too. It is fomented by weakness and your unmanly need for a woman’s approval.

This is why you cannot resist her teasing. You need her to feel whole. As a result, you bomb the test of manhood each time you help yourself to her body without committing to her well-being for a lifetime.

In accepting her approving love you are rejecting the love of your Creator, and allow women to become your source of security instead. You begin to worship her instead of Him. And when she senses this, you become the object of her contempt. Every woman who ever broke your heart did so for this reason. You let her down. You cannot help it. It is compulsory.

With these two recognitions, also know how simple it is to experience restored dignity and to get free from these compulsive behaviors. Both men and women easily come out of the spell just doing one simple thing: Forgive your parents.

The moment you do, you are free from this curse.

Forgiveness happens spontaneously once you begin to live consciously. It’s a state of existence discovered through non-contemplative meditation, where you get free from anger and relationships to become emotionally stable, peaceful and quite frankly, gratified – both humanly as well as spiritually.

Gratitude is a most amazing indicator of well-being. Our purpose as specific genders are realized and the world can exist in peace. It doesn’t now. There are just too many who will not see this.

And this is why women can’t tell men what they want. They don’t know. It is also why a fallen man can’t satisfy a woman. He’s too busy gratifying himself. But at least we can each individually find our place in the world and exist in peace. Just wake up. And everything changes.

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