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Worriers – Have Heart!

You've probably never heard anyone put it this way, but worry is fear. And fear is a form of resentment energy. Identify it as you like depending on circumstances, but what it always boils down to are annoyance, irritation, and aversion, spun around manufactured ideas that aren’t actually happening, living only inside the imagination.

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Understanding this helps develop protection against fear and worry, now and for the rest of your life.

If it is true that fear is one flavor of resentment, then, like resentment, it is also judgment, playing God, contemplating events from a future that do not yet exist and mentally pronouncing them as troublesome. It’s an emotional conversion of normally constructive concerns into fretting, also called worry.

I realize that sometimes worriers don’t think of these in these terms. They might prefer to think of their anxieties as caring or concern, wearing their emotionalism on their sleeves. But let’s treat this nervous emotion we call, worry, as it deserves. It’s a pyorrhea.

Worrying, where fearful thought-projections actively pester the mind, is a psychic connection with a dark Self residing within. It loves to predict doom, gloom and unfavorable consequences. It feeds negative ideas to distract Its host, you, to prevent you from living now and in the present.

Unfortunately, existing in this stream of negative thinking allows for adverse conditions in the body. It is fooled into believing that imagined events are real and reacts to them. It is as if the undesirable conditions are actually happening, triggering the well-known fight-flight stress hormones, adrenalin, and norepinephrine. These are released into the bloodstream causing an array of changes in the body, like increased heart rate and blood pressure.

After years of this abnormally repetitive, false alarm lifestyle, a worrisome, fear-racked body begins to wear and weaken. It ages, prematurely. The same thing happens while imagining pleasant events and conditions. Living in a fantasy, whether that’s artificially happy or shaken, is not a real life. Either is false.

Whenever you’re excited, through any kind of emotional stimulation that the thinking mind brings you to, even those purely imagined, your heart begins to beat rapidly. Over years, this continuous, rapid pumping fails to consistently fill the heart chambers adequately. Ultimately, the poor heart can no longer pump its full potential and a sticky plaque buildup forms inside the arteries—a terrible precondition to heart attack.

Aneurysm, where incessant elevated blood pressure eventually bursts brittle internal pipelines, and a person instantly bleeds to death, can be caused by a lifetime of repressed resentment energy hidden under good deeds and false, sometimes pious humility.

Similarly, emotional states can cause the heart to beat irregularly or dangerously fast. This is associated with what doctors identify as sudden cardiac death (SCD). Here, emotions, especially unrecognized resentment, causes the heart’s electrical system to go erratic.

Then, instead of pumping blood through the body as it normally would, the heart begins to quiver. Death can occur within minutes. This kind of instant demise accounts for half of all heart disease deaths in the United States. One not even need have a history of heart disease, or lack physical fitness to be suddenly struck.

Death always has a cause, but there is something particularly sinister in death by emotional stress, especially repressed, negative emotions backed by the Ego-Self pretending otherwise, feeding on the anger that is inherent to all fear.

Look, I realize how gruesome this is, but there is no life in resentfulness, just death, and darkness. The truth about how we exist, living under the spell of emotionality, is not cheery.

What is cheery, however, is realizing there is a way to successfully survive this vale of tears. This is why I say, “Worriers. Have Heart!”

There is relief in coming to realize how utterly simple all our troubles have ever been and how effortless it is to have them removed, through faith—simply doubting the doubt that separates us from our Creator.

That alone is enough to break the bondage of Self, releasing us from harmful emotional forces we don’t even realize has us in their grips. Then fear, worry, frustration, anger, whichever of these negative energies crop up, are rendered impotent. We become confident, able to face and endure stress safely, without fear.

Some of this may come as a surprise. In fact, for many, learning this can, for some, be quite a shock, briefly sending waves of irritation. There is something inside that doesn’t like for them to have this information. It goes against what they’ve read or been taught by psychology, clerics, self-help gurus or books.

Once freed from emotions, we are liberated from fear and worry because we no longer resent either the known or unknown. And without resentment overwhelming us, anger no longer gets inside. We lose emotional negativity over events and people from our, and even the imaginary nows, still yet to come. What we think is a bleak future. There is no future. There’s only now.

Automatically, we stop worrying and find peace within. We regain lost courage.

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