Are You Humble Yet?

Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s I was a Wall Street Investment Banker and Stockbroker. I’d often be flabbergasted by the number of individual investors, purported to be sophisticated, who regularly invested in equities of companies, yet couldn’t read or adequately interpret a corporate balance sheet.

Never mind making forward financial projections, if I didn’t perform a basic business valuation for them, they’d have absolutely no solid information at all about a company’s condition. A business could be millions of dollars in the hole, and they wouldn’t know, not even when presented in black and white in front of them.

These were not stupid people by any means. And many of them were quite successful and wealthy. But still they were oblivious as to how to make solid investment decisions. They rarely made much money through investments.

To them, Wall Street was just one big gambling casino—which is not its function at all.

This was not a rule of course, but boy these kind were aplenty. Too often ruled by emotion, 90% of all individual investors are unable to make correct decisions based on fundamental financial sense and instead rely on the most unreliable part of their humanity for decision making, gut instinct.

Consequently, they are most often wrong.  Why?

Because instinct is too easily swayed by fear and ambition. It is prejudiced by emotionality, making decision-making too faulty. There’s zero humility in instinct. And without that, there can be no true critical thinking or forward vision, or intuited clairvoyance, if you will.

One major characteristic often attributed to humility is acting demure, discreet, speaking without ever offending anyone. But that’s not a test of humility at all. It’s not even one quality of it.

Living awakened and consciously is automatically a humbling experience developing in intuitive, humbled existence. It’s not a performance of any kind.

Acting the popular representation of humility is most often just camouflage concealing the complete opposite—severe judgmentalism occurring within the individual, suppressed and repressed, secretly nourishing Something vile that resides within, playing God.

Humble Servant types who develop fawning personalities, for this reason risk cancer, bipolar disorder, depression, or other physical and mental dissipations—all for living this way. They develop beta personalities, catering to and seeking approval from others for their sense of worth. But it is worthless.

Living by the flow of emotional energies burn them up from the inside out, unrecognized emotional forces incite mental and physical disorders. The churches and religions have twisted the meaning of humility and redemption to where none of their flocks ever hear the genuine message.

Instead of being directed to discover the Spirit of inspiration, to access understanding that only emanates from within, they ’re drawn toward trying to learn scripture, study biblical history, gleaning feelings of manufactured happiness for their cooperation, while merely acquiring information aboutGod, heaven, hell and even Jesus. And not truly living by any of it.

This is a type of piety that is nothing more than an intellectual feeding frenzy, all the while assuming that getting free of anger and resentment, really ‘sin,’ is impossible—that these negative emotional burdens are normal and unavoidable—that they are a permanent part of their existence, and always will be, and they will never become perfect or ever cease sinning.

They believe all that—and it’s a rotten lie.

And so they never recover from spiritual disease, suffering in this lifetime unnecessarily—addicted to foods, sex, relationships, abusing and dying in them each day, turning into fat, unproductive, abusers of substances, chasing antidepressant medications, bliss-inducing behavior, and spawning only more of the same. This is how kids become rotten too, just as damaged and spiritually rudderless as parents.

The truth is, that once we are no longer playing God, which is to say, we no longer embrace emotionalized judgment on others, then we automatically no longer sin—at the same time that anger is driven out from us. Cast out.

The scales drop from our eyes and we can see wrong, before the wrong gets inside us. We can see right without glorifying ourselves in the seeing—observing either of these, without playing God, free from any emotional injection that comes out of the darkness.

That is because with awareness, our allegiance changes. Living without playing God, without so much as a trace of emotional force, in our minds or symbolically sending anyone to heaven or hell, means that we no longer feed a dark Self-Thing within. It starves of the judgment and dark emotional energy It craves. Its power to control our behavior and thoughts is then replaced by a heavenly influence. That power is the will of the Creator. His will, not Self’s will, becomes our new authority.

This exemplifies true humility in an individual. It’s a state of being where we effortlessly project love, so that our lives and all around us respond accordingly.

We become spiritual assets in a world of liabilities and make sound life decisions that profoundly affect career and family but also financial matters.

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