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Can We Act into Right Thinking or Should We Think into Right Actions?

. . . either one is a struggle. They are just two sides of the same ambitious coin, each a willful attempt to be right. It is a stressful, affected way of life, the wear and tear on the mind and body relentless, painful and largely unnecessary.

It is possible for our thinking to come to a higher plane where we are free from the bondage of self-will. Once we are no longer self-motivated, intellectually deciding right from wrong, we automatically become God-inspired. Then we effortlessly and clearly see the next best thing. Struggle simply disappears. We live longer, healthier and in perfect peace.  

Living unmoved by emotions, we cannot err. To the observer, we don’t appear to be decision-free. We seem involved, productive and principled in all our affairs. The ease and magnitude of life’s successes are astonishing . . . to them. While to us, it’s just life, lived moment by moment, faithfully. 

That faith requires that we give up our motivators. Whether those be words and people, or rules and commandments. Philosophies, cooing lovers, anything or anyone that moves us emotionally can never provide the wholesome drive to do rightThey only offer seduction where we become enslaved to tempters who eventually turn into tyrants. 

Just observe any man or woman trapped in a failed marriage . . . or the dutiful worker hating his job for decades until finally retreating into a languid lifestyle he thinks of as retirement. Try as they might, such slaves never recoup the life-energy they have allowed their oppressors to suck out of them.

We simply must give up the struggle to be right or else we turn into instinct-driven, intellectually dominated beings. Then, instead of leading faith-filled lives doing God’s will, we barely fumble through, living on the inferior power of wit, navigating life’s stress but remaining manipulated by people who subject us to pressures.

In this realm, we are controlled, living in servitude to others. We join the masses of asses, that are self-motivated egoists who mutter affirmations and hollow prayers while willfully trying to make good happen for us and the world. Meanwhile, we give up our God-given intuitive freedom to do the Creator’s will naturally.

We are meant to live moment-to-moment, shorn of worldly stress from constantly making decisions. We’re to give up struggle as we grow spiritually, coming to rely on spirit, not brains.

Living in this decision-less mode demonstrates faithfulness to our Creator. One lives either as a child of God, disciplined by the wordless spirit, faithfully . . . or motivated by wordy intellect, faithlessly, as an animal. 

I don’t make decisions. I don’t weigh pros and cons. I don’t pray to God demanding to know what to do next, and then sit listening for a Voice of Verdict, as though He were some cosmic, liquid-filled, soothsaying Eight Ball. In daily life, my inquiries are few. They’re simply a quiet request for general inspiration. I’m not haunted by any internal struggle to know specifics. I do not get into event-management. I live in continuous indecision, never knowing what is going to happen next, never trying to be rid of ‘not knowing,’ never in fear over the uncertainty, and never trying to install intellectual human authority over a future that doesn’t exist. I do not toss away my indecisiveness. I treasure it. It is a blessing to face indecision with faithfulness. Intuitive answers always arrive to do the job, but imagined decisiveness fails miserably. I have had my share of those, believe me! Living by intuition, not instinct, is far better.

Courage is God’s answer to indecision, not decisions. Bravery is our reward for our faith in Him. People sometimes pray, begging God for the ability to make good decisions. The hope is that He will grant this power so that command over events might alleviate the fear of undesired outcomes. A Controlling Intellect residing within convinces them that a record of triumphant decision-making is how to achieve confidence. It is not. It is false encouragement of Pride. It’s asking God to make them God, which is very desirable to that dark entity inside that they have yet to identify as corrupt and wicked.

Ceasing to struggle, giving up willful decision-making, and abandoning self-reliance is the evidence of faith. Once these things fall away we can know true confidence. It occurs through conscious awareness. 

When we become conscious we stop struggling for the knowledge of good and evil and completely turn our thinking and behavior over to the Creator. It is the abandonment of all allegiance to Self, as we no longer willfully act to manifest Self’s will. Instead, we spontaneously find we are doing His will as it enters and flows through us into the world—onto Earth, as it is in heaven, now within us. 

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  1. Mark Dembinski on January 19, 2021 at 1:13 pm

    Great blog
    “a quiet request for general inspiration.”

  2. Jacinta on January 19, 2021 at 7:32 pm

    This is Freedom !

  3. Jennifer Rose on January 21, 2021 at 8:05 pm

    and finally …. peace of the body mind and soul .

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