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Can You Think Away Negativity?

Do you know those emotions and secret thoughts you occasionally struggle with—the ones that deliver fear, bitterness, resentment, and doubt—the stinking thinking ideas that tell you appalling things, sometimes even in your own voice?

How productive could you become and how much better would life be if those could be coped with effectively, without suppression, if they were rendered powerless over you?

I’m talking about the little, wordy narratives spun inside your intellect that give you information—sometimes accurate, often not—to judge yourself, others, and the world. You become the arbiter of opinion, distracted from the present moment.

This is a dream state, and while in it, you miss life and become weighted by emotion. You cannot make right life decisions while in this unconscious state of existence. It is difficult to extricate yourself because while you’re in it you don’t know that you are. You think all is well, that you are running life-events and situations, that you are in control of your emotions and your destiny and only need to manage life well to become happy and productive.

So just wake up, right? Well, sure. The problem with that is you won’t know to. You only see that you’ve been asleep after you awaken. In the moment when that happens is a dramatic turn for any human being. The experience has often been called a spiritual awakening. It is spontaneous and all that’s required is access to the solution so you can properly meet those negative thoughts that otherwise prevent it.

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Fortunately, that solution is simple to find, even though it isn’t the standard you have been taught. Remember, have an opened mind please, just a little.

First, realize that we’re all confronted with negative thoughts. They aren’t going anywhere. Not in this lifetime anyway. But also know that there is a simple and effective way to deal with them so they can never get the best of you.

I’ve discovered how to become immune to the harmful energies of the adverse, emotional force that’s packed into all negative thinking. As a result, I live a peaceful, healthy and whole life, without fear or unhappiness.

I extend this to my family and often also to the thousands of people I’ve worked with over the years. There’s something wonderful about conscious awareness that is not self-contained. It tends to spread when it’s projected through the right person. I am one of those people. So if you’ll permit it, I’d like to share that with you right now.

I can sum up the solution with a single word. Observe. Or if you prefer, two words. Just watch. Would three words be better? Stop playing God. Either way, they’re all the same. Allow me to explain what I mean by this.

Everyone has inadequacies. I do. You do. No one is yet perfect as we live and breathe in this lifetime, on this plane.

Struggling and fighting to be rid of our faults—the fears, resentments, and negative attitude—as many pop-spiritualities propose, never works. That’s egoism. There is no work or course of study that removes character defects. Those just encourage struggle, while you stay busy, thinking you’re getting somewhere—a death sentence.

Just what constitutes the kind of struggle I’m talking about?  It is any ego-self-motivated effort to fix ourselves. As long as you fall for the temptation to control your own life in an ambitious manner you will always remain stuck in the rut of emotional mêlée and consequential suffering.

This includes positive thinking, mantras, gratitude lists, talking-cure venting, self-help, life coaches, spiritual mentors, sponsors, psychotherapist. There’s something profoundly more effective than any of these human inventions. These people suffer too and cannot possibly pass on to others what they haven’t got. 

I’m sorry. I know it can seem like such a good and noble thing to put forth this effort. But that assessment is a lie, just a little trick played on you by a deceitful Ego-identity that lives out of lies.

I know some of you are involved with programs, courses, and cult-groups that teach you these gimmicks. And I also know that some of it can provide some relief some of the time. They do seem to be work. I assure you, not only is it temporary, but under that relief something horrible is going on within, without your consent.

That fleeting uplift is integral to a Great Ruse, and you are being conned. You’re getting worse, not better, although it doesn’t feel like it at first. Ultimately they will fail you and by the time that happens, it may be too late. For some of you it may be too late already. It’s got you and something squirms, muttering obscenities at this piece and me as you read along. Good!

Please consider my experience and discovery. Rather than ambitiously trying to wrest peace and happiness out of the universe, which never works, we can do something that is infinitely more effective. We can do the exact opposite! We can simply not struggle but instead take it easy whenever negative emotionality or any dark forces attempt to have its way with us.

That works! It shouldn’t, but I assure you, it does. Yes, you should find peace. Yes, the body and mind does need to relax. Yes, a gracious life should come easy even during trying times. But invoking positive thinking or happy thought to countermeasure a flawed world that we all live in is not relaxation. It isn’t even effective.

It is a lack of faith when we play God as if to fix Creation with our human thoughts. It’s sedation—a struggle and cruel trap that’s sure to ensnare us into a self-willful lifestyle, completely contrary to ancient, spiritual principles that never fail.

Negative thoughts and resentments expressing as doubt, fear, or anger are always on the doorstep, just waiting. They never go away. It is our legacy as humans to exist well, despite their looming and readiness to get inside us, so they can feed a ravenous Ego-self its judgment-food.

Until we become still, accessing these wordless principles, and mastering the basest of our emotional shortcomings, we’ll never overcome and properly meet the larger trials and lowest spots we are sure to be presented, now and down the road.

Protection from it all comes through patience, a divine gift for sitting still and waiting to be saved. The Boss Universal only laughs at us when tossing platitudes and happy thoughts at his diabolic artillery of emotional stress. Patience, sans anger and resentment, is real coping.

Attempting to stall a crop-up of negative emotions with willful thinking or mystic tricks—human directives from power-hungry life-coaches, control personalities, and self-help gurus, is just what these negative thoughts need to get a stronghold on us. Tempting us to fight back empowers it.

All struggle is futile and gives resentment power over us. Hypno-spirituality in all of its pop-mysticism, New Age, and reincarnations of New Thought philosophy fail miserably. Victory over them and life-success come once you become God-conscious and mindfully awakened—His will projecting through you. He’ll never let you down.

The real solution to thought-addiction, to worry, fear, constantly being overwhelmed by emotional assault and the unhealthy reliance upon intellect that negative thoughts always encourage lies in one word: Watch. Not watch and do. But just watch.

Only through continuously watching do we begin to live as spiritually responsive humans, opening the heaven-connected psyche that’s necessary to receive God's gift called intuition. It isn’t automatic. The switch has to be flipped.

To activate it, watch, observe, separating from all thoughts, never stuffing emotions, just seeing how they stream like corrupted data, out of somewhere dark. They’re intelligently designed to snare us into the endless intellectual looping inside our brains where we becoming unsuspectingly held out of conscious-contact with our Creator. Cut off.

Rise above thoughts. Observe them, do nothing more and you will discover ongoing spiritual recovery and good health. It is that simple.

The ability to do this comes by way of daily practice. Just take a few minutes each day, several times a day, while the going isn’t so tough, or at least lessened—upon awakening and before bed. Take some time each morning to sit still, observing the clamor and intellectual noise inside the head. Just watch it. Let It do Its thing. Also watch the temptation to form opinions about these thoughts. Nothing more.

Do that again for a few minutes during the day—a pause, not in reflection, that would be detrimental, but in stillness again—just watching wordlessly. Be the observer. Then at night, right before sleeping, watch thoughts, again. See them come and go while having no opinion about them. Just see that they are. Go to sleep consciously awakened, in this conscious state and marvelous things will happen within as you rest. It takes practice. Just a little. If you would like help with it, I make available complimentary recordings to get you started.

This is a way of life you would be very glad you found.

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