Clearing the Mind of Thoughts

Have you ever wondered where those constant thoughts in your head are coming from and how to deal with them? Have you ever just wanted to think happy thoughts, so life could then be happy too? You may want to think twice about doing that. But don’t worry, there is a solution.

If you don’t like the thoughts in your head, if you feel bedeviled by busy, negative thinking and sense the need for rest, there’s a proper way and a wrong way to find peace. Rather than attempting to clear the mind of thoughts, simply step back to watch what’s in there.

I know that objectionable thinking has proven to be a problem in the past. It can seem that if only you could be rid of such thoughts you’d feel better and become a better person. But the idea that you should empty your mind, silence the chatter and quiet the stream of thinking in order to find happiness is a very dangerous lie. It’s a trick, a dark notion designed to further ensconce you into a trance you do not even know you’re already in.*

We become better people, not by clearing the mind of its “stinking thinking,” but by existing alongside and separating from all thoughts. In this way, instead of our thoughts becoming stilled, we are still. In stillness, we become observant and protected, developing resilience against debilitating, emotional upset carried inside the stream of thought.

If you were ever successful in clearing your mind of thoughts, say through some hypnotic meditation or psychoactive drug, both the same things really, the pause would give you a sense of artificial blissfulness. The sudden absence of internal noise would feel comforting. But then, in the relief, something else would rise to refill the psychic void. It is your lower self, AKA. Ego. You might never get free from It.

As the cruelties of the brutal world surround you once again, you would soon crave another fix of blissful void to feel “well” again. You'd become a psychotic, happiness-addict, much like a drug addict or alcoholic, now possessed with an egoistic spirit. Reaching your fill of exciting philosophies, spiritualized studies or even religiousness would be impossible, try as you might.

Instead of the lifelong journey toward perfection you might otherwise have had, your days will be squandered in an endless chase for happiness.

You see, what you think of as your thoughts, aren’t yours at all. They are ideas, strung into words and language, projecting out of the recesses of intellect. They do not originate with you. They’re externally sourced, from somewhere dark.

You cannot trust your own thinking because it isn’t really yours. This can be a difficult pill to swallow, but unless your guidance and discipline come from intuitiveness you’ll never get free of something within that stands to influence your behavior—without your realizing it. You’ll never become the real you that you were born to be.

Avoiding this horrible outcome is simple. It takes no effort. Instead of trying to be rid of objectionable, negative thinking, practice stepping out of the stream of thoughts where they lie.

Observe the chatter in your head without forming any opinion about it, becoming better at it over time. Meditate non-contemplatively and this will become possible.

Soon, you’ll exist in the world without being a product of the world. Don't look for silence, seek stillness. When you are still, you’ll realize at a level beyond words, that you are not God, that only He is.

Your life will never be the same. You’ll cease squandering energy, selfishly chasing after happiness, because you will have discovered humble peace and joy from within. Much better. Believe me.

* The reason many new age cults, certain religious and spiritual movements encourage meditation that clears the mind of thought, is because once a mental void is established, it becomes quite easy to implant philosophies straight into the thinking mind 

This condition can be set up easily, first by getting you to participate in thoughtful concentration, controlled breathing, repetitious words or even through sounds accompanying pleasant music, and effects.

Then, over time, as a person is conditioned, they become converted to a new system of belief based upon will of the seducer.

This creates a vulnerable state that once established, makes all ideas seem valuable and brilliant, even if they aren't, as the subject is inducted into a new culture.

The subject doesn’t mind the new thoughts, after all, he’s stressed by his present thinking and seeks relief. He is relieved but also becomes utterly receptive to whatever is projected—ideas the subject would never have considered before. It’s like having a blank slate in a subject’s head upon which to write.

For example, a narrator may suggest that a subject see his own thoughts without judging them. This sounds perfectly beneficial—after all, it is indeed wonderful if a person could be non-judgmental.

Except, the subject hasn’t been shown how to be nonjudgmental, cannot willfully make it true, and so he blanks out his mind to all thinking, creating the exact mental vacuum religions and cults are looking to fill.

You can see the power this can have over an individual’s thinking and actions, can't you? You become instantly defenseless against ideas projected from a foreign origin, thoughts you’ll now impulsively believe to be your own. You abdicate natural inspiration in favor of an outside influence, even to the point of rejecting beliefs you’ve long known to be true.

Like the Manchurian Candidate, you can actually be made to involuntarily rebel against your own conscience. 

Many people even make a formal transition, becoming devotees of religions and spiritual societies, usually those advocating principles which advance non-duality and new thought philosophy.  

Surely you know of folks who sought out yoga as a form of exercise or TM for peace and relaxation, vowing to eschew the Eastern dharmic influences of these disciplines, yet in time ended up Hindu or Buddhist anyway, or perhaps New Age egoists. That’s because these are religious and philosophical indoctrination devices. Very powerful and effective ones too.

For this reason, it is extremely important to meditate properly, without the hypnotic devices classically sold in the marketplace. No bells, babbling brooks, or mantras. No counting heartbeats, breaths or ticks of a clock. No syrupy voiced seducers to lull you into a trance-like state. All of these are hypnotic devices designed to do what I’ve just described, robbing you of your ability to live intuitively.

Unless mindfulness and meditation are approached properly, without such shenanigans, you will become a convert. And you won't be able to stop it.

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