Conditioned To Believe the Lie

Have you ever questioned what you believe about the Ego?  You have been conditioned to think of the Ego inside every human being as part of us—just another feature of our complex human personalities. 

Your counselor believes this. Your priest, minister or rabbi too. So does your 12-Step sponsor and your life-coach. Everyone coming out of medical and divinity schools has accepted some variation of this view. 

And yet, this idea is gross misinformation—merely the guesswork of psychologists and others that really have no idea what Ego is. They’re just speculating. Not a single expert you’ve ever heard or read has a clue, and nothing they say with regard to how to live or find peace in this life can ever be truly helpful, because their beliefs about our human existence are based in a fundamental error.

The truth is, this nature we call Ego is not us at all—not even a part of us. It is a parasitic foreigner—a dark and intrusive intelligence. It is the nature of a Dark Identity with which we all have erroneously identified. We believe It to be us! And it isn’t.

As we go through life, suffering the daily pressures of everyday encounters with people and events, we become increasingly desensitized to Its presence, until finally we are no longer able to distinguish where we begin and It ends.  We can hardly tell true from false or right from wrong on our own and become reliant upon others for direction and discipline we should already have from within. 

Insane asylums and prisons are full of highly perceptive people who have seen this, but haven’t been able to break free of it. This is the case when Ego has been nurtured and fed, swelling into a position of internal Unholy Authority. Realizing just what Ego really is, helps. 

What we think of as the Ego is, in reality, the dark nature of something (Pride) that has taken up residence in our psyche. There, It pretends to be us, or part of our human makeup. It’s neither. It’s an Entity with no life of its own, a Lurking Phantom that acts through us, even speaks to us by our thoughts. It lives through us. We become It’s agent of entry, our lives It’s portal to earth.

This Thing is able to continue the charade for as long as we remain unaware of It. Undetected, It feeds, growing off any resentment energy It can spin into anger, turning us into self-centered, judgmental, God-separated beings. We become narcissistic and self-absorbed, as It begins to dominate and possess. It sits on a psychic throne within, where God rightfully ought to be. Spiritually sick is the term frequently used to describe this condition.

The Creature will do anything to make sure that you and anyone reading right now does not believe this. 

It has to remain undetected, or at least mischaracterized, so It can continue to replicate Itself in our children, our children’s children and anyone else who hasn’t the God-consciousness to meet the stream of life without resenting the selfish and cruel behaviors of those similarly infected. 

What a world, huh? It is real. It is no illusion. The way out is to disengage from the attitude, becoming unhypnotized from a walking trance that we don’t realize we’re in. Once awakened, we are instantaneously saved from this curse, and can clearly discern the true from the false, even right from wrong. We get free from the contamination of emotional energy Ego otherwise generates within.

Then, even though that dark Entity continues trying to convince us that right is wrong and wrong is right, It will no longer have the power. It is exposed and seen for the pathetic failure It is.  Realizing that the Ego is not you and that there is a real you that is your birthright-self, goes far toward understanding why you do the things you don’t want to do and don’t do the things you want to do. Wake up and recover the Power to manage life.

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  1. Mathew Naismith on March 29, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    “A very good read Daniel, thank you.

    I have found out how many people don’t want to know the truth during the COVID-19 dilemma. The truth is far more uplifting than what is being portrayed by the media and governments in this moment, instead, a conditioned consciousness to lies and deception unknowing to itself chooses the opposite. Instead of making the best of what is, you make the worse of what it, as the media and governments are clearly portraying!!

    A state of coercion.”

  2. Dan on February 23, 2021 at 2:09 pm

    A conscious population makes conscious choices and will always choose freedom. An unconscious population is told what to do and remains in slavery. Thanks Mathew.

    • David Dombrow on March 18, 2021 at 4:07 pm

      As that power , lost hold of its know, that is mu belief. Established with God. I-flow with the spirit.

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