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Connect with the Flawless Conscience

It can be difficult, for some, to grasp the importance of meditation. That’s because they've never actually experienced a lifestyle that includes a proper technique for it. They see people who meditate, witness the lives they lead, observe their physical health and mental stability but don't see much difference in that person's life from their own.

It's easy to conclude then, that there must not be so much importance to meditation, that although it might be helpful, it isn’t vital. They just don't see it as the primary communication tool for mankind to connect with his Creator.

It’s inevitable then to surmise that the coveted elements of human existence elementary for good health and happiness, are merely rewards for which they must work deeds.

Much more attractive is a quid-pro-quo life-scheme for finding happiness, peace and maybe even heaven. And so meditation gets minimalized. That is a fatal mistake.

It’s too risky to come out and directly proclaim that meditation is insignificant. There are just too many ancient mystics and revered philosophers of old extolling the practice. It’d seem a foolhardy contradiction in the eyes of others. But it is quite easy to at least de-emphasis the practice, instead emphasizing on wordy praying, exaltations, Good Samaritanism, placing themselves and others who work for the greater good upon pedestals.

The reason they haven't been sufficiently impressed with the outcomes of meditation, enough to give it its fitting place in daily life, is that they’ve only been exposed to incorrect methods.

Additionally, the people they see practicing popular varieties of meditation don’t seem to be receiving all that much help from it, and in fact are probably becoming worse off. Let’s be honest now, if anything they appear a bit kookier and suffering from the stresses of life more than they ever would have been. Difficulties with relationships, immune disorders, mental instabilities requiring medications and repeated counseling. This is not encouraging.

Even methods proposing non-judgmental observation and a reflection of thought, soon pull the rug out, cunningly implanting religious and pseudo-spiritual concepts that conflict with the Judeo-Christian principles already innate in each human being.

No wonder the lives of so many people do not improve through these meditations. They are practicing methods pulling them away from their Creator, setting themselves up as little gods, rather than practicing intuitive consciousness and nearness to Him—automatically doing His will, not willfully doing an alternate will.

They teach contemplation and imagined empowerment. Except, to contemplate is to fixate on ideas and words. It comes at the expense of wordless, clear communication with the flawless conscience.

For meditation to be effective, it's got to be non-contemplative. Only Non-Contemplative Meditation releases the meditator from the thinking mind, instantly placing him on a higher plane—the objective state.

Here, you are safe from the nefarious forces hiding inside the never-ending loops of thought—free of anger, mastering resentments, fear and all anguish. You’re liberated and enabled with the intuitive knack to observe thoughts as they appear without them motivating you. 

Consciousness grants a psychic release from intellectual bondage. It annuls an unwholesome affection with the thinking mind, liberating the human spirit from the choking control of the lower Self. You may know this as Ego.

It is true that God gave us a brain to use, not to abuse, and we can. In each moment that you are conscious, the psyche opens to receive a Superior Will. Allow it inside and that Will can never let you down.

Contemplation closes the psyche to this phenomenon, replacing His vision for us with Self-will. It is a subhuman, inferior will that always disappoints.

The meditation you will find elsewhere on this site is complimentary. Please feel free to access it at any time. With it, you will instantly discover how simple it is to maintain the non-contemplative element of pure consciousness as your mind becomes filled with God’s will and not Self-will. This is true mindfulness.

Take caution here. I specify true because there are two conditions that can be described as mindful. One leads to life and the other leads to death. Chose incorrectly and move closer to death. Choose correctly and move toward living forever.

Once you learn how to meditate properly, disregarding all the hypnotic-exercises and escapist, trance-inducing techniques taught by pop-spiritualists, phony self-help pundits and dharmic philosophy gurus, true meditation becomes difficult to discredit.

Only Non-Contemplative Meditation releases the meditator from the thinking mind, instantly placing him on a higher plane—the objective state.Click To Tweet

There may be many ways to do it, but there is only one way that brings you to the connection with your Creator that will make a difference in your life. It is a return to virtuousness. You experience elements of life that include good health and happiness without struggling with “good deeds” and memorized prayers and theological studies to obtain them and experience a joyous, peaceful existence as life unfolds before you.

Praying silently in stillness is man’s primary communication tool with the Creator. If you do not reach intuitive-consciousness, taking the Wordless Will into your being, you will not make it. For most, that means becoming still through proper meditation. Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way.

This is a rather ominous warning, I know. Still, these are serious matters and so I am obligated to be forthright to make the point.

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