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This is the Forgiveness Experience — Delivered From Evil

October 31, 2022

If there is evil in this world, wouldn’t you want to be led away from it? Are you being led away from evil now?  If you’re awake then you are . . . and you also know forgiveness.  How so? There is something called consciousness. And it places us into an extraordinary dimension of being that is separated from the thinking…


All Your Pains

July 24, 2022

If you’ve ever wondered why you or anyone you know suffers for not being able to stop doing the things they should not do . . . and have sought a solution for it only to find none, then here is all you will need to know to solve that problem forever. Nearly all of…

Non-Contemplative Meditation before bed

Connecting Nighttime Sleep and Meditation

May 21, 2021

I am not going to apologize for the tone of this piece. I mean every word in all earnestness and intensity. If you practice the Non-Contemplative Meditation I teach and do not include the exercise right before going to sleep at night, then you are making a mistake. It doesn’t work if you do not…


Preachers, Priests, and Ministers Should Recommend This Meditation

February 17, 2021

As a rule, Christian preachers and ministers are unsupportive of meditation. They might simply discourage the practice or even go so far as to vociferously rail against it. Their reasons are concern-driven and frankly, often justified. Church leaders prefer sermons and services that they can facilitate. Scripturally sourced teachings place them in positions of leadership…

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Christians Can Meditate After All

February 8, 2021

Many of the seekers that I speak with are Christian because they see Christ as the way to discover and connect with God. Not content with having a Supreme Being to worship, they also feel the visceral need to connect with their Creator in a personal way. Jesus did after all say that no one…


You Can Change the World

November 29, 2020

I don’t know what your personal dreams are. Maybe you’re the type who just wants to get through the day without causing any harm to anyone else. Seems a bit lacking . . . but ok. Perhaps you’re building a successful business or have a yearning to help mankind colonize mars. How about becoming a…


Don’t Get Taken to the Cleaners

May 30, 2019

I know some of you are involved or at least are familiar with the 12-Step approach to recovery. So I’d like to bring up an experience of AA co-founder #1, Bill Wilson, that I’ve been surprised to discover many members of AA have never heard. Wilson, of course, was an alcoholic who adopted and practiced certain…


Meditate Safely – Counter ‘New Age’ Thought

April 24, 2018

For anyone who wants to meditate safely, without being converted into a dharmic, non-duality philosophy or religious belief, I suggest Non-Contemplative Meditation™. It is very different from the type of meditation you will find in spiritual cults, Eastern Religions or New Age self-help books. It is an ancient practice of pulling back out of the stream of


Connect with the Flawless Conscience

March 5, 2018

It can be difficult, for some, to grasp the importance of meditation. That’s because they’ve never actually experienced a lifestyle that includes a proper technique for it. They see people who meditate, witness the lives they lead, observe their physical health and mental stability but don’t see much difference in that person’s life from their own…


Be Wary of Contemplation

November 7, 2017

Sometimes people are taught that if they contemplate on worthy ideas they can somehow integrate those into their thinking and then, therefore, their lives. It is important however not to confuse ideas and thoughts with true wisdom. They are not one in the same. This is so isn’t difficult to see, although the temptation to…






Go In: Nine Points to Conscious Living

You'll experience a boost in creativity, intuition, and improved relationships


Become Immune to Anger

October 30, 2017


What Your Parents Did

December 29, 2017