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Consciousness is Contagious

The lack of human consciousness is not merely some inconvenient trait of a few indifferent people who harm nobody but themselves. It is a pandemic scourge that can jam traffic in the middle of the day or topple nations. It can spill milk on a just-washed floor or tear apart a family.

When people become thought-trapped inside their skulls, they become self-centered, turning into replicas of those they have hated. Discord spreads through relationships with others and it becomes increasingly difficult to see why life is so unfulfilled or see how to break free. In every sense of the word, they become handicapped. All of us experience this in varying degrees.

Simple consciousness overcomes that handicap, neutralizing unrecognized emotions we don’t even know are lurking. Once resentment, anger, and emotionality are under control we find we are no longer ruled by those emotions. Life begins anew. It is like being reborn.

Each person who makes the decision to adopt a mindful lifestyle experiences a major overhaul of attitude. As each individual has his or her own personal transformation, a beginning is made.

One person at a time, one family at a time, one community at a time, each enabled man and woman stem the tide in the current plague of the mindlessness, unconscious living infecting our lives. Good attitudes are as contagious as bad ones.

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The combined outcomes of people individually maintaining their personal awareness can form a global aggregate of blessings. It would intuitively express through morality and understanding that can only be discovered from within.

First, this would alter the course of each person’s life and then the collective of mankind.

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