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Don't Hate Your Faults

What is clinically termed as Depression isn’t really a disease with physiological origins. It is only the word we use to describe a certain state of mind originating out of metaphysical phenomenon. Biochemical indicators and other aberrations symptomatic to the “disorder” are merely the visible effects of an underlying cause.

Subsequently, even pharmaceutical and psychological treatments are not true solutions since they only masque the cause. And so, despite the development of many theories and after decades of clinical investigation, Depression remains mysterious, the cure hidden from scientific discovery. This is no accident.

The Accusing Spirit within relies on stealth. Once exposed, It loses influence. As you observe from a position of neutrality, It curses you for seeing the truth about yourself. But now with clarity, you see It is a Dark Imposter playing God through judging you. It isn’t you.

You cannot forgive yourself as God forgives. However, you can realize you have already been forgiven by not hating others even when they are wrong, as God has also not hated you despite your error. In not hating your own faults, you experience the love of the Creator.

Looking for forgiveness from others is seeking their love. When we’re lacking love within, we’ll try to fill the hole with the assuaging approval of people. So, be careful about making apologies. Seeking forgiveness from other people is an attempt to reclaim lost approval. It is infinitely better to make things right.

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