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Don't Stop Smoking. Stop Hating

One of easiest vices to kick is the nicotine habit. I know that many find that hard to believe. But that is only because they haven’t understood just why they smoke in the first place, to be able to give it up in the second place.

The Stop Smoking experts don’t know. Doctors don’t either. An honest hypnotist (very rare to find) may have an inkling but even hypnotism is only a temporary fix at best and usually brings on other issues far worse.

But there is a cause for the obsessive need for nicotine.

Just like any other substance obsession, nicotine is a solution to a problem. Cigars, Cigarettes, E-cigarettes each do the same thing. They dose the active addict with a powerful psychostimulant drug.

Within seconds after a nicotine user receives a dose, either through the lining of the mouth, esophagus or lung, the psychostimulant is carried to his brain, performing the same biochemical function as any recreational anesthetic substance. IE. Amphetamine, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, sugar.

One pull into the mouth of a Cohiba, a Newport, a plug of chewing tobacco, he immediately feels better through the pleasure being artificially stimulated. This is not merely a "physically better," but metaphysically better, going to the agony of emotional-spiritual disorder. Nicotine numbs the problem.

So, what exactly is the problem that this powerful psychostimulant drug solves? It’s God. Yes, the Almighty is the nicotine addict’s enemy, and he needs to get away from Him, although certainly, he may not think so. He’d probably be appalled by the very suggestion. Yet, nicotine functions to remove the God-sent anxiety a suppressed, judgmental, angry individual experiences whenever his conscience begins to catch up to him.

To prevent that from happening he must refresh the chemical-escape experience repeatedly, coming under a spell called obsession. It obliges him to a liberation of conscience, AKA anxiety, which the substance supplies, guaranteeing he can never live happily whole until he first gets free from anger, breaking the cycle.

Once he stops hating, judging, and getting angry – not suppressing through escape mechanisms like hypno-spirituality, religious, dharmic seduction, food and sex, but is truly forgiving, then physical withdrawal from nicotine is a piece of cake. It’s so easy to stop, the addiction can be completely shattered within hours.

Living in an anesthetized state, most addicts deny their angry, judgmental nature, and so refuse to acknowledge the need to give up anger. Instead, they’ll insist it is physical tolerance that is their addictive weakness.

Even once their anger is exposed, they’d rather believe the great lie, that anger and resentment are normal to human existence. They’re not. They are normal to human extinction. Don't stop smoking. Just stop hating. And the need to smoke will disappear.

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