How Resentment Gets Us

If you have a problem with drinking, drugs, eating or sex, you cannot think, act or be counseled out of your terrible predicament. Even if you’re addicted to anger, plagued with anxiety, depression and fear—there is no psychology, religion or medication that will cure you.

You could enlist all the positive thoughts, beseeching and mumbling mantras or prayers in the head you want and still remain a self-absorbed, narcissistic pleasure seeker, unnecessarily suffering the consequences of that—mental, physical and social. 

Try to get rid of it, and the selfishness gets worse in the struggle, not better.
There is only one underlying source of spiritual aberration and misery leading to all physical and mental ruin, selfishness and then finally to death itself. If you could conquer that single element, your life would comprise mental and physical wholesomeness and finally eternal life. 

You would have no bad habits, vices or obsessive behavior. Old ones would fall away and new ones would never develop. Your need to abuse food, drugs, alcohol or sex would melt away. Your relationships, casual, business and romantic would become wholesome. 

In fact, you would have no addictions to any substance or behavior at all. Without even trying. You’d regain the lost ability to regulate your behavior as you begin living the kind of peacefully productive life you were always meant to have—and to bring that to others. You’d return to virtue in all your affairs, both business and social. Your mental and physical wellbeing would become strengthened and safeguarded.

Here it is. The origination of all troubles is resentment—that negative emotional energy which once present induces a state you feel as annoyance, soreness, fear, (yes even that)or bitterness. 

You might indulge in it, experiencing a frightening escalation into rage, or else live in desperate silence with bitter energy repressed and conveniently tucked out of consciousness. Regardless, when you are emotional, whenever you get angry or sore, even in the least, resentment has entered you and as you judge others through it, will cause every unnecessary suffering you’ll ever have. 

Unless you get free from resentfulness and anger, you’ll unnecessarily experience consequences that exceed the typical human suffering through which you might otherwise grow and strengthen. Resentmentis more than you have been led to think. It is a ubiquitous universal force that emanates out of darkness. 

There is only one way to thwart the eternally fatal effect of resentment. Until we discover that remedy, we’ll go through life in a manner that turns us from conscious children of the Father into unconscious, subhuman mutants we would never have wished to become, spreading hell among the people we in turn tempt to hate us. Even loved ones.

Once transformed, selfishness rears. It forms a protective shield around the judgmental, spiritually-ill psyche. This is the lower Self’s chief preservation device, changing us from God-centered beings into self-centered oafs. We can no longer find joy or feel alive without repetitive indulgences in eating, sex, drugs, drinking and a host of otherwise normal activities, which now turn obsessive. 

To stop them feels like death to a dark Self that cannot bear to face Its own condemnation. To remain attached to Self, as most people do for all of their lives, means that we share in Its misery – in Its damnation. What a mess. 

We are meant to face the temptation to hate and judge with tolerance and patience. Then the dark force passes and we remain unscathed, pure and whole. But you can’t do that as long as you can still get angry. 

If you have any bad habit or an addiction please know that being a self-centered scumbag isn’t what turned you into the angry lout you’ve become.

While selfishness is a degenerate trait rooting all human beings solidly into this material world, it is but one despicable symptom of the degenerate, God-separated person into which you had long ago devolved. 

This is strong language, I know. Please don’t be offended. It’s about time someone gave you the correct chronological order of your decline—vital information, without which you will only spin your wheels for a lifetime trying to willfully become something you are not and will not ever be. God. 

Man does not become resentful and spiritually sick because he’s selfish. It’s the complete opposite. He becomes selfish because he’s resentful and spiritually sick.

It’s been the severance of original communication with your Creator, playing Him through anger and judgment, that’s twisted you into a creep. You do not admit it. Ego has blocked you from seeing this truth. And so you agonize from the fallout of this spiritual disconnection.

A spiritually ill person gets well only one way—by giving up hate and resentfulness to discover God from within. Immediately selfishness falls away. Self loses Its power and there is freedom. You become an altruistic, helpful person who is useful to both God and man, not by the force of ambition, but because you know no other way to be. Your nature is now virtuous.

Chasing selflessness, trying to counter aberrant behavior and thinking with forced, artificial conduct and thinking is a trap, not a solution. You become a phony do-gooder with a conflicted conscience that will burn you out, emotionally and mentally. 

The answer lies in stillness, calmly improving conscious contact with the Creator by silently praying, meditating without contemplating, automatically becoming useful to our God, man and all of creation. 

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  1. Brad on March 9, 2021 at 5:56 pm

    Hey Dan, I don’t know where to put this question but I’d like to hear/read your commentary on what it means for human beings who are emotionally attached to pets. This is something I’ve never seen you discuss but having known you for a handful of years, I can guess what you might say. I’d rather not guess, though.

    • Dan on March 30, 2021 at 7:01 pm

      It is extremely dangerous to become emotionally attached to an animal to the point where they are humanized or there is an exchange of energy. People often use animals, sucking the life out of them thinking they are loving them. That is not loving. It is animal abuse. It makes them sick, shortens their lifespan, and isn’t good for humans either. I happen to like animals very much. I’ve owned plenty of dogs, bred and raised racing pigeons, tropical fish, assorted reptiles like snakes and turtles. I’ve never treated them as humans, but as animals. And they lived long and well. I’d love to own some horses one day. Animals can be wonderful servants, companions and are amazingly interesting when properly positioned in human environments. I will write about it or do a podcast in the future. It’s actually a good subject. Thanks, Brad.

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