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Iron Sharpens Iron

One way we grow spiritually is through abrasive encounters with others, without rancor.

Abrasion is how iron sharpens iron – and by remaining steadfast and strong, like iron, against each other’s assault we become spiritually sharp.

When in the stream of life, we patiently endure each other’s shortcomings, having developed resilience to bitterness, something mystical happens. We grow toward God while simultaneously losing our own imperfections.

Most of us would rather face another human being than our Father in heaven.

However, a graceful existence among men doesn't happen through becoming answerable to each other. That's bondage. Establishing accountability relationships with other is a hideous distraction from this predestined spiritual process and a hindrance to spiritual growth.

Allowing ourselves to be placed before other men to be “corrected” is not humility. It is humiliation, a very poor substitute.

Humility is reserved for God, not before men. It is a sick alternative to coming to terms with intuitive consciousness is, in the end, degrading, denying God his rightful position in our life.

When we do this, we allow the poisonous stress of anger-emotions to remain unchecked and hidden. It can only result in suppressed anxiety and finally an early grave. No one who remains accountable to other human beings lives long or well.

This is an axiomatic, metaphysical truth that none of us can escape.

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