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Meditate Safely – Counter ‘New Age’ Thought

For anyone who wants to meditate safely, without being converted into a dharmic, non-duality philosophy or religious belief, I suggest Non-Contemplative Meditation™. It is very different from the type of meditation you will find in spiritual cults, Eastern Religions or New Age self-help books.

It is an ancient practice of pulling back out of the stream of thought and becoming separated from thinking so that consciousness can return from where thought has taken it. It is that simple—too simple for many people, but when done correctly the results are immediately life altering.

There’s no music or hypnotic sound of babbling brooks, tweeting birds or lapping ocean waves to seduce you. There’s no syrupy voiced guide implanting New Age suggestions into your head.

This technique is non-hypnotic—100% compatible with Judeo-Christian principles and will help those come more alive than ever, without evangelization or preaching.

There are no religions, doctrines, personalities, no laws or rules involved in conscious contact with God. These human affairs only complicate the simplicity of God-consciousness, spoiling it for millions.

In truth, there aren't any mantras, philosophers’ recitals, affirmations or opinions promoting eccentric mystical movements or selling seminars that can deliver true consciousness or enlightenment.

There are no gurus, spiritual guides, coaches or mentors who can impart it to anyone. In fact these can only be a hinderance.

There is just consciousness within and with that the conclusion of all anxieties, emotional upheaval and damages caused by a stressful lifestyle.

This is a stillness that brings us out of a sleeping state where resentment enters to feed a dark ego and into a conscious, present state that we experience as now.

Once we become conscious and freed from the dull state into which the world has driven us, where the force of anger — hate, fear and frustration enter to nourish and inflate an insatiable ego-self, we are instantly liberated from the bondage of self.

The lifelong-spell is broken.

Simple but at the same time stellar since when coming out of a trance we didn’t even know we were in, we change and cannot help but do God's will thereafter. To go from unable to do God's will to unable to NOT do it, is huge, and that is exactly what happens when we meditate correctly.

It is a whole new kind of existence.

Health spontaneously restores – even life-threatening diseases are miraculously reversed and cured as the body’s immune system is restored.

Relationships mend as selfishness drops away. Vices and gross addiction fall away as obsessions mitigate and dissolve—as if into thin air. We grow in usefulness to God and our fellows.

It's effective, simple and it's complimentary, at no charge ever. Please check it out.

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