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Modern-Day Journalism Is Distorted by Anger

One of the greatest blessings we have living in America is a free press with daily access to our national leadership and advisers. It is fundamental to our existence as a free nation. Compare this with the censored tyranny of the one-party state that covered up their Coronavirus mishap and misled the world about it from the beginning, assuming, of course, it was accidental. That deceptiveness let loose a scourge on an unsuspecting world. 

President Xi Jinping doesn’t conduct press briefings and is in fact against a free press. Can you imagine the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China verbally brawling with Chinese reporters the way Trump does with Jim Acosta and the others? 

You may not enjoy it, but I actually like watching journalists when they attack Trump in the Brady Press Briefing Room. No, it doesn’t satisfy some perverse gratification derived out of a need to judge. But there could be some the mild Schadenfreude that follows seeing the President annihilate them when he feels questioning has been dishonest or deceptive, intending to incite fear and despair. It is an attempt to entrap and to take down. They feel it’s their job—just an old and worn tactic that is failing miserably with this administration.

They are handily destroyed virtually in each instance—exposed. They don’t like it.

Networks that don’t carry every second of every White House Coronavirus briefings are censoring the news that America craves and deserves to hear—only so they can reinvent and distort it later. What a low point in the history of American Journalism.

No one knows exactly how we as a nation will come down on this in the long run. There’s enormous potential for both positive and negative outcomes. For now, the President is showing tremendous strength during this pandemic. We need his kind of robust leadership. We also need the help of the scientists and public health officials . . . where they’re useful. We certainly don’t want them decreeing government policy, but we’d like their input. And of course, we should appropriately grieve for the losses of those whose loved ones have succumbed to this menace. 

One thing that’s clear is that there’s a deep hatred among some members of the media for this man named Trump. It is profoundly unhealthy. Anger always is. In this case, it goes beyond political disagreement and contrasting ideologies. It’s a wicked corruption of spirit having profound consequences to emotionally infected individuals and those in agreement. It projects a shadow on proceedings and becomes a dark blight.

Hatred for Trump runs deep. And reporters have allowed their emotions to push them over the line, actually promulgating Chinese propaganda. It’s embracing an enemy of the State. They don’t even know it. Anger blinds clear vision and can compel one into duplicitous behavior. And we see it now in members of the media defending the oppressive regime, revealing an absence of love for American values.

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