This is the Forgiveness Experience — Delivered From Evil

a shadowy figure

If there is evil in this world, wouldn’t you want to be led away from it? Are you being led away from evil now?  If you’re awake then you are . . . and you also know forgiveness.  How so? There is something called consciousness. And it places us into an extraordinary dimension of being that is separated from the thinking…

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All Your Pains

If you’ve ever wondered why you or anyone you know suffers for not being able to stop doing the things they should not do . . . and have sought a solution for it only to find none, then here is all you will need to know to solve that problem forever. Nearly all of…

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Connecting Nighttime Sleep and Meditation

Non-Contemplative Meditation before bed

I am not going to apologize for the tone of this piece. I mean every word in all earnestness and intensity. If you practice the Non-Contemplative Meditation I teach and do not include the exercise right before going to sleep at night, then you are making a mistake. It doesn’t work if you do not…

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Decision Making for Cool Cats

When I was a little boy a teacher once complained to my mother that I was “too nonchalant.” My mother was indifferent about that, but my attitude drove this teacher buggy. This one would try whatever she could to upset me. But no matter how hard she tried, she just could not get under my…

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The Pandemic Can Make Us Stronger

a mask covering the globe

Right now this country, the world, is going through a period of widespread despair. You can feel the dark cloud that hangs over all of civilization. An evil malaise infects everyone witnessing unfairness, mishandled justice, and flat out deception. The spread of distrust has become a pandemic that is just as real as the Chinese…

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Christians Can Meditate After All

A church steeple

Many of the seekers that I speak with are Christian because they see Christ as the way to discover and connect with God. Not content with having a Supreme Being to worship, they also feel the visceral need to connect with their Creator in a personal way. Jesus did after all say that no one…

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Are You Being Hypnotized?

A couple hypnotized by meditation

No one would want to admit this of themselves, but the average person is too easily influenced by others and can be made to do what they don’t want to do. The more willful they are, the easier they are to control.  This isn’t some unique state suffered by only a few weak-minded people. Everyone who is…

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Don’t Get Taken to the Cleaners

I know some of you are involved or at least are familiar with the 12-Step approach to recovery. So I’d like to bring up an experience of AA co-founder #1, Bill Wilson, that I’ve been surprised to discover many members of AA have never heard. Wilson, of course, was an alcoholic who adopted and practiced certain…

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Spiritual Growth is Quite Becoming

It is our charge in this lifetime to not only become aware but to increasingly live from that station of consciousness as we move through our lives. This is often thought of as spiritual growth. Fair enough. But even those who may have experienced a spiritual awakening often don’t really know what spiritual growth means. And no…

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#008 Don’t Turn Into a Useless Blob

Dan discusses the little feelings, thoughts and ideas we all get, with which so many struggle – the thinking that often brings fear, resentment or doubt – and the simple solution to…

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